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It's a love/hate relationship for me. Hate that I internal clock gets messed with. Hate that it makes me tired for a couple weeks. Hate being in the dark. (But it's winter so won't that happen anyway?) But I do like having that extra hour in the morning - until my internal clock figures out I should be sleeping another hour.

Congrats on being in the magazine (congrats to me too, cause now I've found your blog and I love this block! I would love to get this magazine and make it.)

I love daylight. I love summer (I also love autumn colors and leaves, and find great inspiration for my quilting in autumn colors!). However, having little children with the Daylight Savings changes is really hard.....they're exhausted at the end of the day, and wake up really early. It takes about a week for everyone to adjust.

I like daylight savings time. I want the light to be later in the day, not earlier in the morning. I'd love a copy of this book.

Love that one extra hour to sleep!

I don't mind falling back an hour, but the springing forward part is awful! Who wants to lose an hour of sleep?!

I am happy when Daylight Savings ends. I like having light in the morning and having it be dark for dinner.

So pretty Erin, i love your blocks

I like that it isn't dark in the morning, but hate that it gets dark before supper time. It is a mixed blessing... I guess I just don't like the dark.

well I think "Hate" might be a bit strong but I will say I am not a fan!
Congrats on your being a part of this group of fabulous quilters! It is THE publication to pick up each year.......well done!

I don't like the end of daylight savings time. All this gaining and loosing hours drives me crazy.

Oh, I love your block! I hate the end of Daylight savings time. I'd like to stay on it all year round. Why do we have to keep changing??

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