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I dislike Daylight Savings Time. I think we should just leave it be!! No springing forward in the Spring! :)

I wish they would leave the time alone. It hurts just as much as it helps.

I'm okay with either time. Just need a couple days to adjust.

Cool block. Congrats!!!

I have the same thing as Tammy Hempel (see above): by the time I'm used to it, it's time to change time again!
By the way, I love your block!

I am happy when daylight savings ends. That one extra hour of sleep is a blessing!
Your block is awesome as usual. I am still trying to finish the sashing on floribunda but am faithfully collecting my tweets!

Lovely block and colors! Comforting. Lots of things you can do with it.
As to DLT...guess I look at it like the changing seasons. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes it isn't.

Well, I am grateful for Daylight Savings in the fall and a little resentful in the spring. Couldn't we just "fall back" and get that extra hour twice a year?

I don't like the changes in time. And I especially disliked it when I worked night shift and had to work an extra hour. Thanks for the opportunity to win

Daylight savings makes me crazy all the way around....however....falling back & gaining an hour is always fun LOL. Guess you can't gain an hour without giving it up somewhere else, right?

cute block, btw. Thank you! and congrats on being in such a cool magazine!

I love the END of Daylight Savings because I get that extra hour of sleep that helps me reset my inner clock. However, I'd prefer that they do away with DST altogether because it's just too confusing with friends/relatives in Arizona and Hawaii and never being able to remember how many hours off they are now. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love your block. I like the end of Daylight Savings time because it means we can eat dinner earlier in the evening and get warmer by the fire in the cool evenings. Of course, I also like it starting in the spring as we can be outside longer in the evenings.

Your block's absolutely amazing... love the colors and the shape of it!!!!, about the daylight savings, I live in a country which don't use to have that, I think it's exciting to have the hours changed 2 times a year, you break the routine now and again, we don't do that :(

I have to say that I do like daylight saving time--I'm a morning person, and it's so much nicer to wake up to a hint of light now, than it was last week when it felt like I was getting up in the middle of the night. Thanks for the chance to win--love your block!

As I get older, the more I dislike DST! I can't say I hate it, though.

I'm not crazy about the changeover, but this year it worked out perfect. It gave me an extra hour to sleep after being at the quilt show on Saturday.

Your block is simply beautiful. I hate the end of daylight savings. It just feels like there is nothing but darkness. The nights seems to go on forever. Dark in the morning and dark too early at night. I would love to win a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 4. So many different block with so many talented designers.

Thank you for a chance to win.


Pretty block, Erin!! I loved the extra hour of sleep, and it's nice to get up in the morning as it's getting light instead of in the dark, but it is hard to have it be so dark so early.

A beautiful block!! I love that extra hour of sleep we get when we turn our clocks back, but I hate how early it gets dark. It is a love hate relationship. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love the extra daylight in summer, and just plain dislike the shorter daylight in winter. I live by the sun! Love your block. It is so pretty.

The best part about daylight savings ending is the extra hour but that is negated in the spring. I hate getting up in the dark and now coming home in the dark. I basically wish it was summer all the time! Thanks!

I think it's pretty stupid to keep turning the clocks back and forward, why do we always have to mess with nature. Anyway, love the floral block and just subscribed to your blog, it's fabulous. I just spent so much time going through old posts and plan on more later. Love the BOM's, baskets and you're a funny chic!

How I wish we'd stop this mad messing with the natural rhythms! It really throws off my internal clock!

Congrats on having your beautiful block selected, and thanks for an opportunity to win that fab book.
I love the fall and since I am a slow poke in the AM, I like the fall change as it gives me more time in the morning.... Now, the spring is a horse of a different color! It is tough.

Congratulations on that gorgeous block being included in Vol. 4. I can't wait to get this issue.

Daylight savings time really doesn't bother me one way or another. Of course, there is one reason I don't like it and that's because my husband drives an hour to work and after the clocks get turned back, he's driving to and back home in the dark. The dark doesn't really bother me that much BUT, driving into WI where the deer are SO prevelent this time of the year, that darkness means they are out running that much longer and during his drive. He's had a number of close calls with deer and a few years ago we hit two deer in a matter of 1 1/2 hours on our way home from seeing Wayne Brady as we drove through WI so the deer really freak me out. At least when that drive is being done in the light of day, he can have a chance at seeing them and hopefully be able to avoid them.

I really think the time change is unnecessary and messes with our inner clocks that are in tune with the natural light. People have enough trouble sleeping without this going on too twice a year. Government run amuck! Thanks for the giveaway! Kd ~ www.KdQuilts.com

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