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Your block is beautiful!! I hate to see daylight savings time come to an end. I've always enjoyed the longer days.
I loved the previous issues of 100 Blocks, and the new one looks just as great! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing a copy.

It really is a love/hate relationship. I enjoy getting up to daylight but hate it getting dark so fast in the evening. You just can't please us human beings!

Congrats on you block. Not a fan of the time change, I wish they would just leave it alone. I am not even sure why we need to adjust the time, most of the world is 24/7 now anyway the time on the clock really does not matter anymore.

I guess I neither love nor hate it - I tolerate it. It does take me more and more time to get used to the time change as the years go by, though.

Great block! I like more daylight hours so I hate it when we have to change the time.

I don't care which time zone we lock into, I just want it to stay the same! I find adjusting to time changes more and more annoying. Remind me "Why"?

Congratulations to you!
I do like the earlier morning light but hate that the day ends so soon!
It takes my body a good long while to catch up! I vote for an end to Daylight Savings time!
Living in WIsconsin,

Your block is gorgeous!!! I hate that it gets dark so early. The days are so much shorter now. When I'm working my 12 hour shifts, it's dark when I leave and dark when I get home.

Congratulations on a lovely block! Daylight savings is just more of an annoyance than a love or hate thing for me. Readjusting all the clocks and getting the the kids readjusted is just a pain. thanks for the chance to win.

Your designs are amazing.

As for daylight savings time. No opinion either way. Just something I am so used to.

I used to dislike it- but now that I am getting up at 6am to workout I appreciate the fact that at least now it is light out when I go to the fitness center-it makes me feel less like a bat-lol

As always another beautiful block. I am such a fan. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of the magazine. Hugs

I like the end of daylight saving time because it doesn't make me feel so guilty when I get in bed early to watch TV!

Your block is beautiful as is all your designs! Hope i win! :-)

I love your block! I love to applique so this is on my list. I hate the time change! I just wonder what it would be like if we didn't "Fall Back and Spring Ahead"?

Love this applique is my favorite...

I think daylight savings is completely unnecessary. It only confuses us all. To me their are X amounts of hours in the day. doesn't matter what the time is....

Beginning or end of Daylight Saving Time is a matter of unimportance to me since I live in the [backward] state of Arizona that refuses to recognize it! I sure do miss those long summer evenings.

I hate, detest, don't like, Daylight Savings Time. It really donesn't SAVE time! Since I suffer with SADDs all winter more daylight in the afternoon is more important to me. I REALLY need to move to AZ LOL I live too far north (WA). I'm collecting My Tweets and hope to get started on it soon. Love your designs!

I hate losing Daylight Savings Time, BUT I loved the extra hour Sat. Night, especially since I was at a quilting retreat at Asilomar.

I love the end of Daylight Savings Time on the first Sunday morning it changes, then it goes downhill from there!

I despise Daylight Savings time. It always takes me at least a week to get adjusted to the time shift. Recently I have been dealing with a diabetic for whom the change in meal time and insulin shots has been very difficult. Wish we could just let the sun tell us what time it is instead of the clock.

Love your block Erin. Congratulations.

I'd prefer to keep to standard time all year long, too! Thanks for the chance to win.

I think the daylight savings time should be done away with. It has served its purpose in war time. We no longer need it. Let them reinstate it should we ever get into a serious war again... Just my two cents for what it's worth.

PS Love that block!

Beautiful block! I don't love and I don't hate daylight savings. It is just a part of life. Although when I was young and had a paper route, I did enjoy walking through the deep snow in the dark late afternoons to deliver the papers.

I hate that it gets dark so early - 4:15 here in Spokane WA.

You are an artist when it comes to applique! I don't say "hate" but I do prefer Daylight Savings Time and would like it just to stay that way. I am happy that they extended it, though.

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