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I don;t like the time change because I am always tired for a week afterwards. I love your block. Applique is my favorite technique.

Hi Erin, congratulations on your beautiful block. Here in Australia, we have pretty much just started 6 months of daylight savings. I enjoy it for awhile but as it goes for so long, I am happy when it is time for it to end - mainly because it means the cooler months are coming!

Sweet, sweet block. I guess I favor DST over CDT cause I hate getting up on dark mornings.

Love the block! Hate the end of daylight savings! I get really depressed when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark!

I love this time change. extra hour to sleep gets dark earlier so everyone comes in and we get dinner done earlier which leaves me more time to quilt and sew! (that is after all what its all about lol) I do wish they would pick one time and stick with it. it is too confusing to keep changing! Thanks Erin for a chance to win one of the new magazines.

Easy...I HATE IT!! I hate both sides of it. How on earth is it ok to lose an hour and it be ok. It is not. Now I do like getting an extra hour in the fall but for anyone who has kids or pets that work on a schedule getting that hours messes everything up. LOL! Love your block. It is so pretty. I am a new follower and I love your blog!

Thank you for the giveaway. The blocks and quilt is beautiful.

My body seems to be on Standard time and never adjusts to daylight savings time no matter how long they make it. I go back to Standard time just fine overnight!

I loved the fall back, get an extra hour of sleep thing, until I had a child. Now as a 4 yr old, my son will wake up at 4.30 thinking it's time for the feet to hit the floor and start the day. Yikes!!

Wonderful block! I'm going to return to look at your tutorials (thank you for those by the way) this weekend after I get several naps under my belt, and we all have adjusted to the time change:)

i love the end of dst! in fact, i would love for alaska to opt out ... we have so much daylight, then so much dark, it doesn't make sense to have it here.
love your block; love applique; am delighted to see a bunch of fabulous applique blocks on the blogs so far.

Beautiful applique block, Erin! Congrats on being included. Of course, we like more daylight at the end of the day, but it's still the same number of hours, LOL!

I wish they'd decide which one to use and just keep it that way! LOL!

I love your block, a bit more work then i normally would want to do (I'm a raw edge qpplique gal) this would be a beautiful block for a wedding quilt!

Gorgeous block! I hate the whole daylight savings time thing all together. The financial and business tycoons of north america have again ruled the rest of us for their own profit. (Who knew that I was an occupier in disguise?)

Your block and the quilt made from that block is absolutely gorgeous.

Daylight Saving Time really annoys me. It throws off my body schedule. I'm hungry before dinner time, my sleep is messed up and I got to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Yuck. I want to move to a place where this does not happen.

I like it in the morning, but hate that it gets dark so early. Thank you for sharing a fabulous block!

I love your block and also the end of Daylight Savings Time. I'm not such a fan of losing an hour in the spring though!

Hi Erin, Your block is very nice and I can't wait until I can make it (have to finish other stuff first).

I don't care either way about Daylight Savings Time but I wish it would be one way or the other as the time change throws me off for a few days.

I hate changing the clock it messes up my sleep patterns. We need to just decide which time we are going to use and stay there

Well, Iove the light mornings, but hate the short days! Thank you yet again for all the "how to's" and your wonderful blog. So inspiring! Will you have your Autumn Basket as a pattern we can purchase? LOVE it!

I think we need to get rid of the time change business! Love your quilts Erin! You always inspire me!

I remember when they left it alone in England and the kids had to go to school in the dark and it was getting dark when they came home. They had to wear reflective arm bands so they would be seen by the traffic. It doesn't bother me which way they do it though. Thanks for the chance of winning this block mag.

I love it when daylight savings time ends. I'm not sure why, it just seems more natural. It certainly makes getting up in the morning easier when it's not so dark. Congrats on being part of the 100 Block issue!

I love that day when I get an extra hour. Don't you wish every day had 25 hours? Just think of all the quilting we could do!

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