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just wanted to let you know when you go to down load part 4 of block 11 it prints out with the heading saying its part 3

Thanks Erin, it's beautiful as always! Even though I'm only on block #3, I will get them finished! Love them all!

Thanks Erin, I really like this block.

Yep! This is it! This is my favorite to date. I looked at all those previous to this and I really, really like this one. I think it's the symmetry of the block. I am big on symmetry -- just ask my family. I'll say "Don't you think you should get two? There are two corners you need to fill.", or something along those lines. Honestly sometimes it's a pain. Yep, this one is the best so far (of all the amazing ones before).

Dear Erin! Not long ago, I found your blog, and I was very happy that such valuable information, descriptions I read somewhere! Thank you! It, especially to megosztasz us such a beautiful pattern. We're wanted it, and sure is that sometime in the new year I'm going to sew! Thank you!

¡¡ que bonito !! yo estoy haciendo florabunda voy por el bloque 11 y me encanta como queda.Saludos

I just wanted to thank you for being so generous and offering these block of the months free to us. Obviously a lot of work goes into designing them and they're just beautiful!

Thank you so much for these. I have not even gotten to start yet as I know they will be a huge learning journey for me. I have never done applique. I will get to them next year. Unless of course you have something else up your sleeve, but these are wonderful!

Oh Thank you! I love these :) They are so bright and beautiful, and always make me so happy to see them :) Smiles and more smiles!!

Thank you!!! I am so excited because I am very close to starting on this after carefully saving all the files all year and drooling over the Kelly pattern when it arrived. I finally found the fabric I wanted for the center vase, and three BOMs are just about to fall off my list. This one gets first slot!

Love these Tweets patterns, but when I try to print part 4, it keeps coming up part 3. Help!!!!!!!!

This block is really pretty. Thank you.

EEEEEEEKKKKK. . . I'm SO SO SO SO SO OOOOO excited for the last block~!!! I know what I will be doing in January!!!!!!!

I LOVEEEEEEEEE you Erin you are so amazing!!! ;c)

I am so anxious to get block 12. How/where do I purchase the center block?

WOW, block 11 already! I haven't even started yet! Oh man I am sooooooooooooo far behind on this one!

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