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Thanks for the little tute there about the basket stabilization. You know, I had wondered about that and if you did any stitches in the center of it. Love the little basket.
Now, as to sagging body parts, a plastic surgeon can applique & quilt you back to what you were at age 21!
donna j

Thanks Erin. I've never made a basket like this before, so I didn't even think about it sagging. Thanks for pointing it out with a solution included.

I have enjoyed reading your blog. You are so darn creative! And it's inspiring! So thanks for all the beautiful photos, keep it up! As to that comment about sagging parts.. ahh I can relate.. If only I could applique it myself! ouch!

That is a great tip! Thanks Erin.

What a creative job you have done.I appreciate your work.And you have perfectly share the things that how to make it easily.Nice sharing it is.Keep it up.

I'd 'sew me up' if it worked. I'd rather take out some of the 'batting' instead. I don't think things would sag as much if there was less 'batting':)

You have made this Basket is really too good. Everything is perfect for this post. I am so glad to see this amazing creativity. I will try to make this type of basket.

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