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No white Christmas for us this year. Just rain. That's OK by me cause I have to travel. Warmest Dec. we have had in a long time here in NE Ohio. Thought I would miss all the snow but I don't. Showing my age.

Your snow looks so pretty but I'm really glad we don't have any yet. I think we're going to be having rain also. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks for the beautiful patterns that you make.

How beautiful. We're just hoping down here in N.O. that we have "cool" Christmas weather and are not wearing short sleeves.

Wow! We still don't have any and it's Michigan! But I'm just fine with that...totally fine! I am not stressing about travelling this year. Merry Christmas!

It's pretty and I'm glad it's yours! We don't have any and I'm really glad. I travel 5 days a week for UPS. I'm sure you get the picture now. It's a sure bet that the kids over the midwest would like to have snow though.

I know I am in the minority, but I think you are so lucky! No white Christmas for us in Oregon this year...We had our first in years three years ago and it was beautiful! Merry Christmas Erin!

Hi Erin I envy you for a white Christmas. Here in Sunny North West Victoria, Australia the temp is currently 100 degrees. Enjoy your Christmas with Family as I intend to. Looking forward to enjoying your talent sharing again in2012
Best Wishes Ann-Maree Hunt


Snow looks real pretty, we haven't had any yet here in our part of Canada.

Your border is truly beautiful & so fitting for my tweets, thank you. Now I'm thinking of how to quilt it?

Take care shovelling all that snow.

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