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Your designs are just sublime & tutorials are excellent. This looks like it will be a marvelous BoM. B

I am getting excited about this block of the month. I don't applique and you are getting me excited about learning. Thank you

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

So .... that's how you do it. It's all your little tips and tricks (as well as your distinctive designs) thst keep me coming back for more.

Just remembering this time last year - with you doing the Mcalls competition! Phew! (Do you think we could have a tutorial on how you did your lovely label for that quilt sometime? As I recall it was rather smart.)

That's okay Erin, you're part of a big family. We quilters tend to loose our minds quite often, especially when it involves applique! Thanks for the tutorial.

This is going to be so beautiful. I am looking forward to next year.

It sounds wonderful! Thank you for all your tips and helpful advice - and the BOMs of course, I'm looking forward to this one.

Wow! Look at those tiny stems! Can't wait to see the rest. 2012 might be the year I get beyond printing the patterns and actually stitch some blocks!

Thank you, Erin, for doing so much work and sharing your talent. What colors are you thinking of? Can't wait to see!

I am getting excited about a block this month. I am not ablikoi and you get me excited about learning. Thank you

This patterns looking is very nice. Your designs are just sublime & tutorials are excellent. I excited for make it. It has amazing posts and everything is brilliant.

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. It's very beneficial for me, Thank you for sharing!

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