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This has got to top the Cute LIST...adorable!!
Thanks for sharing!

What a gorgeous Gordon Setter! Love it! Looks like the dog stole the show.

So beautiful! Merry Christmas Erin.

The first nativity was unrehearsed, so this is the ideal wy to recreate the event.

Merry Christmas

love it! wish I was there! thanks so much!

A howling Gloria! Love it! Our church started doing a pageant for the Epiphany with just a couple of rehearsals the first week in January. Merry Christmas!

I once had a bf that was blind and had a seeing eye dog. Our church paid for us to go to Chicago to Willow Creek for a conference. Her dog howled through all the singing. It was so embarrassing!!

I bet you all had a great time. Merry Christmas.

O my gosh... This is just too cute! A fond memory for sure... Thanks for sharing this happy story! Merry Christmas! B

Between this and the water bottle nativity, I'm really liking your church!

Wonderful! You belong to an awesome church!

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