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I've just recently found your blog and now check it faithfully. Love your patterns. Went right on to Etsy this morning and ordered Miss Mimi.

Whoo-Hoo!! I'm in!!!!

Thank you Erin for your sore fingers! ;) The center looks great, I can't wait to see the blocks that will go with it.

Thank you, Erin! Miss Mimi is lovely! I'm eager to see the rest of the blocks!

Thank you Eirn, have put my order in for Miss Mimi (christmas present to myself)


Wow, Mimi’s Bloomers is beautiful.

Erin, Miss Mimi looks fantastic, thank you so much for all your hard work, it's much appreciated! I participated in Florabunda and My Tweets, you can count on me for Miss Mimi for sure, I'm your fan. Hug from Holland, Anita.

Erin, I love your artistic vision! The design, layout and color choice are really beautiful. Just looking at your creation makes me smile. I am really looking forward to attempting your new block of the month designs. Do you have any fabric requirement suggestions? For example, if I find a yellow that I like for the tulips how much would I need to purchase? Do you think that a yard of fabric for each different element in the designs would be enough? (not including background and borders) Thank you for generously sharing your creativity and all your hard work!


It sounds very exciting for the next coming year. You always make the new year something to look forward to with your creative talents. I love sprays of flowers so for sure will get into this one. Thanks again.

What a pretty design! I really love the secondary quatrefoil effect in the center. And I second Tracey - thank you for all the sharing of your wonderful talent!

I third Tracey, I have bought Miss Mimi, but as I am in the land of Aus, it might not make it for Christmas. Never to mind, I will finish off My Tweets

I fourth Tracey, especially in her praise of your artist ability!

very good!i like it!

Another precious BOM! Thank you!!

Hi Erin,

I LOVE your designs and wish that TQS had selected you to design the 2012 BOM. Maybe next year?? It's obvious that this year's TQS BOM was designed in particular to encourage members to buy products from TQS sponsors (i.e., Accuquilt, Bernina, Superior Threads, and Ricky's Stable Stuff). Unfortunately, the design, especially in the colorways provided, are not very appealing. I've been wanting to try your applique techniques, so maybe I'll make your BOM instead. Thanks for sharing your patterns and tutorials.

I always intended to do My Tweets (and still do) but never got to it because it will be new learning experience for me. Will you be giving as many helps and hints this time around? I am nervous but excited at the same time! I think I want to purchase the middle and make the larger one...that will be a good learning experience too.

Wow! this is going to be another stunning quilt. Wish I could make one but I have a quilt I need to get done next year. I will be sure to follow along.

Erin llegamos casi al final solamente me falta el bloque central deseo felicitarte las Fiestas Merry Christmas and New Year y espero el proximo proyecto con inpaviencia.

kis for you desde Barcelona Angels

Thank you so much and sorry for your sore fingers, but I am nursing a dislocated shoulder, darn it hurts to sew and type to get things done, but I will do this,,love this block again thank you,,take care, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR angeljeanne (jeanne)

Wow Thank you Erin, You inspire me to make something to treasure that is truly beautiful.
For also are giving me the tools and tips to make it.
I just wanted also to thank my dear friend Kellie for introducing me to your web paige and inspiring me to do better, love you Kel

Is there a button for Mini Bloomers? I'd like to add it to my blog. : )

Déjà , tous mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année et que tous tes projets se concrétisent , Erin !
Merci pour ce nouveau BOM !!! Il promet d'être aussi joli que celui de l'année précédente . Quand allons nous commencer à avoir les autres blocs ? J'ai hâte de voir et de commencer .....
Marie Chantal

sono contentissima di aver trovato questo sito, ci sono cose stupende

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