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I would choose the Double Wedding Ring. All those bias edges...especially if you are hand piecing. My hats are off to anyone who can make a flat quilt-top!

I don't like to make any blocks that have Y seams. I can never make the corner look nice.

Mine would be the Snowball to boring...sorry to hear about your snow, we on the other hand are still doing the happy dance as we have none here (North Dakota), which is so rare for us.

I'm sorry to say I don't like anything with lots of half- or quarter-square triangles. The 'non-value-added' part of trimming them down drives me nuts!

My least favorite block to make is 7 sisters. I have a horrible time getting all those points to match!!


I can't think of a particular block, but I've decided that I really dislike paper piecing on the machine.

I don't think I have a least favorite--I mostly do applique! But I do have a hard time with something like a pinwheel.

I am not sure that I have a "least favorite" block. On the other hand, I do not enjoy making complex blocks that are smaller than six-inches. Working with the really small miniatures, even if it is possible to paper foundation piece them, pushes my patience level.

I can't think of a particular block, but blocks with zillions of pieces scare me.

LOL...stars...any kind. Even if they are "right", they never look right to me!! (Thanks for the opportunity, and LOVE the snow pictures!!)

My least favorite block is drunkard's path, I sooooo struggle with curved seams . Thanks for a chance to win this great CD

Those curved seams get me every time - so any block with curved seams is my absolute least favorite!

I don't really have a least favorite block some are just more tedious than others when you are making a whole quilt with them. I guess that would be my only complaint!

I must have some kind of mind reversal when it comes to foundation piecing on the machine. I should just stick to hand applique for the tricky stuff!

I'm always cutting my points off when I make flying geese!
I know there are tips and tricks out there but for some reason I can never make those points work!

Least favourite? Gee...I dunno...something boring I suppose, I like a bit of a challenge but my most favourite would be anything appliqued.
Do I have to name a block? okay.... how about a log cabin.

oh.....and CONGRATULATIONS on once again being a part of this FABULOUS publication..it is one I really REALLY look forward to.

I know I'm in the minority here...but I hate making stars. Not a big star fan.

I don't think I have enough experience yet to have found a block I hate, but I do get bored if it is too simple or if I'm disliking my color choices.

I can't really say that I hate the block but the wedding block is challenging for me because of all of the pieces and not getting them mixed up.

Strom at sea. I love the look of it, but do many pieces and those long narrow triangles.

My least favorite block to make is the churn dash for some reason. It never looks right to me even though all the parts measures straight and true, I am never happy with my effort.

My least favorite block is the log cabin although I just made 2 quilts using log cabin blocks.

Although your snow looks pretty, you can keep the snow. I live in NY and its cold here but no snow. I hope it stays away at least until Christmas.

I'm envious of your snow. We're hoping for some here in the desert today. I haven't run across any blocks that I don't enjoy making, but I haven't made anything too complicated. I love the look of the Mariners compass, but I'm thinking those thin points would make me crazy. Oh, the orange peel blocks look intimidating as well. Yikes. Thank you so much for offering this issue. I'm thinking there is enough inspiration within the pages to to last for a very long time!

I am not a fan of anything with too many half square triangles. I like the look but not the process. Thanks so much for the chance on your giveaway!

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