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For me my least favorite blocks are any with tons of little pieces. Funny thing though I want to try your style of applique, LOL! Thank you for the give away!

Curved pieces are still hard for me, but I'll freely admit I don't have a lot of experience yet. Also, I love the patterns with triangles/stars, but haven't mastered them yet.

My least favorite - that's a tough one! I guess I would have to say it's the block that the instructions said to cut one of the pieces wrong so it doesn't match up and you can't figure it out until you check the math and realize that NO WONDER it's all puckered! Other than that I love them all :)

As I have only been quilting for a year I can honestly say there isn't any block I don't like......yet. I am sure in time I will find one I dislike.

The winner, hands down, would have to be Peaky and Spike, the one with two right triangles and one isosceles triangle which form a square when stitched together. Fantastic looking, IF you can ever get it right (sigh). I spent three weeks making practice blocks before cutting into good fabric...

Sunbonnet sue! Just don't like that girl. Love blocks with lots of pieces, y seams, complicated stuff.

I don't like attic windows!
I love your photo of your home in the snow, I have been living in sub tropical northern New Zealand for nearly 10 years and have really forgotten what it's like to be COLD!!

Snow definitely makes me feel like Christmas. My least favorite block to make is one of my favorite to look at. The log cabin. I love how different patterns can be made depending on how you place the light and dark sides of the block. But I don't enjoy making them.

After finishing 6 quilts over the last 3 months, if I ever see another disappearing nine patch again, it will be too soon. They're easy as pie, but after doing that many of them, it's just time for a change.

My least favorite block is the tumbling block!! I just can't get it right!!!

My least favorite might be the log cabin. One of my favorites is the feathered star because it's a challenge but beautiful to behold when it turns out well!

Anything that is pieced with triangles and lots of points to be matched up. I don't care how careful I am, they don't always match up and I become a frog sewer by doing lots of rippits! lol

Believe it or not, my least favorite quilt block is the log cabin. I can never get the accuracy I like when I try to make one. I've tried all kinds of methods...I can never get 2 blocks to come out the same size. I guess if I ever HAVE to make one, I'll try the paper piecing method next....can't get better accuracy with any other method!

Thank you for the give-away! I love this magazine :)

My least favorite is anything wonky...not a fan of wonky blocks.

I don't like pinwheels because matching the cente points is most difficult. A close second is the molah -- this one will really drive you insame and I can attest to that.

My least favorite block is one with a zillion half-square triangles in the same color. Shortcuts like using squares would be nice.

I love your site. My Florabunda is nearly finished.

the snow looks cold but oh so beautiful.... I am still learning blocks and I am loving it but my least favourite must be one with lots of points... I really struggle getting them to meet properly... thank you so much for the chance to win one of these...

Any block with matching center points. I'm not ready to give up on them yet ... I think I just need more practice!

Oh, the New York Beauty block is too much for me! ALL those tiny little triangles and points to match up!

My least favorite block is one that contains tiny HST. I also do not like Y-seams.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Mine would have to be the maple leaf. I have no idea why but, I've never been able to really like that block for some reason.

I'm not a fan of string blocks. Maybe I just haven't had enough exposure to them?
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Probably curves are my least favorite but I intend to master them someday anyway. Congratulations on having your block in the magazine. So fun!

Y- seams make me cringe!!!

I've been quilting for many years.. and I've learned something about myself I never knew. I'm secretly competitive. So I love the challenge of learning new things (quilt related of course!) Therefore, I don't have a least favorite block. The minute I think there is a block that is blah.. I find it at a show or magazine page that looks fabulous!
Your blog is so inspiring! Thanks Erin

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