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I'm old fashioned and still like Grandma, or Gramma. I have so many my age who are having grandchildren in their lives now and they just refuse to admit they are old enough to be a Grandma and won't allow that name to be used. I figure if you are lucky enough to make it this far and have children that are now giving you grandchildren then you deserve the title and should wear it proudly. But that's my thinking and anyone else has the right to their own opinion too. :)

"Mama Rae" ................. my grandson heard everyone calling me 'Rae' and choose to call me "Mama Rae" because it goes in line with "Papa" and his 'Mommy' was just too similar to use plain 'Mama'. I sincerely love that he gives me a unique name. Now ALL of my family calls me "Mama Rae"!

For me, there is nothing better than when my darling Kate calls me "Grammy"...

I have been called Gramma for ovaer 20 years and now my youngest son's wife has their two boys call me Nana....both are fine...but after over 20 years as Gram or Gramma I find it sometimes hard to answer to Nana....I love all the kids either way though!!!! I didn't get to enjoy my grandparents so it's wonderful for me to be near them!

My grandkids all call me "Grandma"

My paternal GM was Grandma, as am I. My maternal GM was Grandmother, as was my mother to her grandchildren. But my husband's mother was Grammy, and I like that the best!

My grandma's name was Maria but we called her Mia. A lot of girls were called Mia at that time and to distinguish them they all had nicknames. Hers was Mia and it stuck with her. We loved Mia because it was easy to say, too!

As kids we called our paternal grandma Gram. When she would see me or one of my sisters she would say "Hi Doll" which nobody else said, but I thought it was sweet.

My kids called my Grandma, "Grandma Great", my own grandkids mostly call my Grandma but in the last few years, my oldest grandson started calling my "Willis"..I don't know where that came from but I guess it's okay but weird..

My oldest grandson started to call me Amma because he couldn't pronounce his G's. The name stuck and now all of my Grand kids call me Amma. I
love it.

My grandchildren call me Golden Grams and I love that. When I was a little girl my mothers best friends children called her Grama with the boots. Loved that also

I think my favorite is the name my youngest grandaughter calls me. I have 5 grankids and I am Meme (Memere) to them all but the youngest shortens it to Mem, which I love, she says it like we are buddies.

In my house all my counsis, brothers, well, all my family call me and my grandma "Tata". It's a spanish name (so I'm from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
Congratulations for all of yours designs. They are spectacular.
Happy Christmas.

We called my mothers mother Twomama.... As in second mother and she was. My granddaughter calls me Mawmu.

I don't know if anyone is ready for this one but here it is-------My grandmother's name was MOTHER-COOTER!!!! I would dare for someone to really match that one. We called her husband, my grandfather-----"DADDY-POP"!! And what a pair they were. Just a little more fun, our kids call their son,my father---"MO".

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