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Granny is MY favorite!

Well, my favorite grandma name is MeMaw - since I have such fond memories of my MeMaw!

One of my quiltie buddies grandson called her "Mega". We don't no why but it stuck, now all of her grands call her Mega. I love it because it's original...just like her! BTW...Mega is a tiny little woman, so she must have a Mega-heart!
My Grands call me Gramma....I swear the angels sing each time I hear them call me Gramma. :D

Ahhh, nice story, Erin! I'm Nana to my granddaughters, and my husband is Boppa, which is cute. I like Mimi, too. The family members we "adopt" are very very special because we chose them -- or they chose us.

My granddaughter calls me Mimi and I love it and my grandson calls me Mema. As long as they don't call me Moo-Moo.

My daughter called my mom Nonny - Never heard that one before :) As kids, we all said Gramma - and then later Grams or Gramy. My mom's favorite - and she still tries to get us to say it - is G-Dog. She is so funny!

I always called my grandmother, Gram. She liked it and so did I.

My nephew calls my mom "Eta". Although he is not spanish speaking,my sister taught him some words. He shortened to word Abuelita (grandma) to something he could easily say. We all call her Eta now, it fits her.

I didn't know any of my grandparents, but I enjoy being called just plain old grandma by my granddaughter, it melts my heart. I love how you name your quilts after family.

My mother was MomMom but that's taken by my DIL's mom, so I'm thinking of being BB, my initials. My favorite grandfather name is GDaddy!

I know a lady named Mary and her grandkids call her GrandMary.

Hi There, Thanks for the great give-a-way! I am excited about the 2012 BOM!
My fav grandma name is "Nanny". I don't know...it just sounds warm and fun to me!
All the best in 2012!

Here (the netherlands) we call a grandma oma. Wonderful story about your aunt Mimi. I have an aunt like that and i love her to pieces. I think everyone should have an aunt Mimi.

Thank you for the chance to win the pattern!

My favorite grandmother was "Nana" but a friend of mine has a grandma named "Gee". I don't know why they call her that but it is a great not old lady name.

I am a grandma to four beautiful grandsons and they call me...........Grandma! My son's wife called her grandma Nana, but my son said he didn't want his children calling me a name that sounded like 'banana'. So sweet!
I'd love to win your Mimi block!

I called my Grandma "Gamma". Not very original but it worked! However, Mimi was my first dog's name and is very special to me too! I think I'd like to be called Mimi too when the time comes...

I always just called all my grandma's "grandma". I did grow up with 5 of them, 3 of them being great grandma's. I do feel pretty privileged that way.
I'd love to win your block. I think the applique is quite beautiful.

Nana is the sweet fave of our grand-children. LOVE the story of your Aunt Mimi. I have had a few "other mothers" in my life and it has been a beautiful experience.

My daughter and her husband started dating when they were just 13 years old. My son-in-laws mom became my best friend. We are really more like sisters. So after our kids got married we naturally started talking about babies. Two years later we were all blessed with a beautiful baby boy. She is Grandma and I am Nana. I love being a Nana and now I have one grandson, one granddaughter and one precious one on the way!

My Grandmothers were Grandma and G-ma. G-ma apparently wasn't excited about becoming a Grandmother!

It's "grammouse" at my house. I became "mouse" when mom and mother got tired of always saying "no" to every request.

My parents are both from Finland, and so to my kids they were "Mummu" and "Faari" -- I'm Mummu now.

I like Nani (not like nanny in nanny-goat, more like nah-nee). That's what my mom called her grandmother and I've always like the sound of it.

My favorite is Mommom. In my family, so many grandmother names are already taken that I will probably be Nana to the grandkids.

Mimi !! That's what my sister and I called our maternal grandmother (even though her name was actually Susan Shattuck Bradley). I loved her dearly. Charming, witty and a master gardener.

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