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Hmm...Nanny, G.G. (short for Great-grandma), Meemaw, G-ma, all names used in my family. I think I'd prefer 'Oma'. I still have a few years before I have to think of something, thank goodness.

My kids and nieces, nephews called my mom Mema (long E). The name started with the first grandchild and just "stuck". In fact, we all took up with it and called her that, too, unless we called her "Mom" or Stella.

My mom goes by Nana (sounds like Nonna). I figure when my turn comes, I would like to be called Nonny.

I called my grandmother mamam- we all did-funny how many different names people have for grandmothers-how neat is that??

In Cantonese (Chinese) we refer to grandmother as Popo. I love hearing my grandson call me, Popo. That's my favorite!

The kids call my mother-in-law Nana Sheila or just Nan. Thank you for the chance to win Mimi's Bloomers pattern. Take care and god bless, Cory

Thanks for having the giveaway! We always called our grandmother Mamaw. Now that she's gone and my mother has assumed that position, she is known as Mamoo!

There are many grandmas named Nana, as I am. Our first granddaughter truly named us both with her first words of endearment. She called her grandpa, Poppy and then me Nana. All at the age of 1. No matter what she would have called us, it would have filled our hearts with joy.

My dear daughter-in-law's family called their grandmaw "gammy" which I liked. When I was little my nickname was "Nonnie" so maybe one day my future grandkids can call me that.

BTW, your work is beautiful and looking forward to the 2012 BOM. Just found this blog and love it.


My nephew calls my Mom "Grandma Prize" Why? One day on the way to Mom's house, my sister told her son that he was going to have a surprise....and they ended up at Mom's house. Ever since, he's called her Grandma Prize. She even signs her Christmas gifts to him that way! :) Thanks for the give-away!

My favorite Grandma was actually my Great Grandma. Her name was Martha Ellen, but everyone called her "Aunt Marth". I called her "Granny" and that is what my 7 year old grandson now calls me.

Maw-maw & Paw-paw. I was blessed to know one set of great grandparents and both sets of grandparents. I wonder if it is a southern tradition?

I have a friend whose name is Fran. Her grandkids calls her Frandma. I personally like Mimi.

I only had one grandmother. Her name was Julia. I called her grandma because she was grand.

My girlfriend's grandkids call her "Nina" and I love it. Her name is Linda and they think her oldest granddaughter heard her grandpa call grandma "Linda." She couldn't say "Linda" so "Nina" came out!

My grandparents were always grandma & grandpa. Nothing to special about the names, but they sure were special! :)

I like Noni. One of my friends called her adopted grandmother Noni and I just love it. My kids are only 3 and 2 so I've got a long while (I hope) before I have to think about that.

What a sweet story! I love the name Nana, but we called both mine 'Grandma'. Now my mom is also a 'Grandma" too.

I love that you have stories behind all of your pattern names! We didn't really have unusual names in my family. It was just Grandma. Although there was a woman that my mom lived with when she was in school. We called her Nana even though we weren't realated. Thanks for having the giveaway!

I've always wanted to be Nana. My own grandmother asked my son to call her Gram when he was little an she was still with us. A friend who just became a grandmother says she prefers Grammy because that sounds like a cookie-baking grandmother. Erin, I really like your appliques, all of them, but I don't know if I have the time to do them all! Happy Holiday, whichever one you celebrate (or all of them)!

When I married my husband I instantly became "Grandma Far Away" since he was "Grandpa Far Away" (as opposed to his ex-wife and her current husband who lived in the same state and town).
Growing up my brothers and I called my mother's mother "Mom" since my aunt and uncle are only 5 and 7 years older than I am. Back when I was little, it always made people look when we would say to our mother "Mom, are we going out to Mom's today?"

My sister and I called our maternal grandmother "Nana" and that's what my kids called my mom until she passed away in 1998. I'm hoping to be "Nana" myself someday, but like you said - not for a few more years!

My Grandmother was Grandma, but I always secretly like Nana better. Once my mom was in the Grandmother phase of life she goes by Nana too and I love it.

My kids call their grandmother "Poh-Poh". We always know who they are talking about.

I know what question you asked but...it made me think of my favorite Grandpa name. So...our first grandaughter always said, "Crappa". Our daughter memorialized it with a personalized jewelry box that says, "Blessed with the Best Crappa in the World".

My mother called her grandmother Nana, I always love that name.

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