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Awwwhhh....that is the sweetest story!! You're right pumpkin is such a cute name, thanks for sharing!! Merry Merry!!

Great story! When I was a little girl, my two grandpas were known as "Pamp" and "Poppo Pete". My hubby is known by our 5 grandchildren as "poppy". I love special names for our special relatives. I am glad you made Pumpkin his own special quilt and hope you pass this quilt down to your daughter.
Looking forward to seeing the border applique. I like the start of it you showed us.
donna j from kansas

When my grandson was born my Mom nicknamed him sweet pea and when he was old enough to speak he always calls her sweet pea greant granny. I'm still working on my tweets but have ordered Mimi can't wait. Thanks

whoops that should read sweet pea great granny.

What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it.

What a wonderful story. We're grandma and grandpa chicken for the small flock of chickens we have.

Oh Erin, that is a wonderful story! I bet your daughter will be on board with another generation of "Grandpa Pumpkin"!

That's a great story. A similar thing happened to my Dad. He kept calling my nephew "BooBoo". When James was old enough to talk he thought his Granddad's name was BooBoo and call him that until BooBoo died 5 years ago. Of course we all loved and and thought he deserved it!

I love your Pumpkin story.

Great story. My grandpa used to call me pumpkin face when I was really small. I couldn't quite say that so I called him Punkyface, and it stuck until he died many years ago. All the grandchildren called him that. My husband and I are Poppy and Nanny and if anyone tries to call us by any other name, our granddaughter corrects them very clearly.

When our daughter was born we named her Paulette and when we brought her home from the hospital, our son, Rod, had to check her out from her toes to the top of her head. He said, "Isn't she just the cutest little punkin'?" That name stuck but changed slightly to Punkie. She's a grown woman now with almost grown children of her own and most of the people who know her (including her brother) call her Punkie.

That is the best! How sweet!!

love your story. my kids called their great grandfather ( more pops). they called their grandfather poppop.

Thank you very much for this lovely story.
I wish you and your family merry christmas.
Kerstin from Cologne/Germany

Friends are Grammy and Grampy...well next to youngest grandson came along and couldn't say Grampy so it became PP...yep it stuck...try yelling it across a crowded grocery store...LOL

Oh and PP is a retired State Trooper but he loves it!

Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing Erin!

Adorable story Erin, Precious moments with the ones we love.
My Mom and Dad called me "pumpkin" when I was little, My Dad has been gone for 5 years.
Merry Christmas to you!

Such a sweet story, thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

So sweet... please, look at Bunny Hill, if you haven't done yet. There's a wonderful pattern for a pumpkin quilt... also a kit with fabrics!

Love this story. And I think you're right - I think he has the best grandpa name. My niece and nephew call my mom "Grandma Kisses", because she's always kissing them. Now that they're 12 and 14, I'm wondering if all that kissing is starting to get old!

I almost forgot - my kids have nicknames for my parents that drive my dad nuts. Both of their grandfathers are named Tom. One Tom is married to Ronnie, and the other Tom is married to Sharry. So the grandpas are known as Grandpa Ronnie and Grandpa Sharry. This annoys Grandpa Sharry (my dad) and makes me giggle because he's mildly chauvinistic and a year-round grinch.

That is beautiful, Erin. What a treasured memory for you and your girl. :-)

What a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas!

What a beautiful story, Erin! The names our grandchildren choose for us are always the BEST! My little granddaughter calls me Goddie (who knows why?) and since she's the first, her cousin has to do the same. Your father sounds a darling, and this Christmas I hope you treasure the wonderful memories of him that you have.

How very special to be names pumpkin! Bet he was very pround of being the only grandpa with that name.

Reminds me of when my husband walked in and said to our very blonde 3 year old granddaughter, "Hello Sunshine". She looked at her mom and said, "Granpa's calling me names!" Yup, they had just had a discussion about how name called was inappo

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