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wonderful story and soooo unique!

My neice who is the youngest of the grandchildren and 10 years younger than the next. My MIL always greets all of the grandchildren with Hello Darlin' with a great southern accent. She has been known by all of the grandchilden as Grandma Jo, now she is Darlin'. What a precious name, and I could only hope I could have grandchilden and be called such a wondeful name.

Erin, loved your story, what a sweet man. I am sure you miss him so much.

What a sweet story. I miss my daddy, too. He named himself as a grandfather. Happy New Year!

He seemed to be a sweet grandpa. I understand the sadness you feel when looking at an old photo of a loved one. I also gave my grandpa a name when I was little. I called him grandpa betel because he always chewed on betel every morning.

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