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Recycling at its best! Merry Christmas!!

You are so creative. These are so cute and I am sure the kids loved them.

What a wonderful idea! I follow a blogger who promised to use only upcycled materials for her quilt tops and other projects I should introduce you to each other!

It's adorable! Merry Christmas to all! (and Happy Hanukah (?) to everyone, too!)

Preschoolers are the best students! Love your Nativity. The children will remember it long after they have forgotten all about store bought ones. Am glad your Church recognized it and placed it in the Sanctuary.

OK, That is just awesome :D

Yup. Incredible cuteness! Love the little faces.

Such a cute idea!

What a clever idea! I can imagine how much fun the little (and not so little!) kids had constructing this beautiful. Activity scene.

That should be 'nativity' scene :-)) Darned predictive text.

Oh my gosh This is wonderful!! Can I share your photo to my Bible Study blog this week? (We are studying the Nativity)

that blog is www.studyforwomen.blogspot.com

Too cute.....Merry Christmas.....

This may well be the sweetest nativity I've every seen! Love it! I collect nativities and this one is a treasure for sure. Would you mind if a post a picture of it on my blog with a link back to your post about it on your blog? Please let me know.

Oh, I can see why the kids like it!! The two bottle camel! I had to teach the lesson on anointing the feet, and serving some sort of fruit--I can't remember exactly--we laid on blankets on the floor (everyone reclined on the floor, no tables like now)--rubbed lotion on our feet--and ate figs. Of course the minister choose to spend a LOT of time in our classroom that morning.

Priceless. I would not doubt for one second that this is how Mary and Joseph and visitors actually looked after their journey. You should have that photo made into a poster. Bless your church members for recognizing how special this is. Merry Christmas!

Love it...... is there a baby Jesus.... picture please? Merry Christmas

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