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I have really enjoyed the patterns and the applique tutorial, but... I am struggling with circles. I have tried several methods but my either look like volcanoes or something that Picasso would have created. Any suggestions?

Erin...lovely second block! Looking forward to the colors you will choose.

Mary...if you haven't tried Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles, it would be a good option if other methods have already failed. She has them in many sizes and Perfect Ovals as well.
karenkaybuckley.com (go to the Store option)
And some quilt shops carry them as well.
Erin also has great tute's on how to make the circles. Look under applique lessons found under "categories" on the left side of her web site. Just remember that when you make your basting stitches to pull the circles into shape, make the stitches small and numerous. Too large of a stitch will make a lopsided or bumpy circle.

Step by step very detailed is just what I need!

My favorite light box for big blocks is my 16" ruler.Put your pattern and your fabric on the ruler,put a lamp on the floor,put one edge of the ruler on your knees and the other edge leaning on a table.The light shines nicely up from the floor and you get the whole pattern copied without having to shift it.

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