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With nuts of course!

I love them with pecans or walnuts but never bake them that way because my family doesn't like them. Oh, the life of a mommy....

With big pieces of toasted pecans....ummmm

I like them either way!! - how could you go wrong....

I was just using my set of Perfect Circles yesterday. Karen Kay Buckley has improved my applique in so many ways! I'll take my chocolate chip cookies with nuts every time! Pecans or walnuts, I'm not fussy.

Macadamia nuts.....YUM...I know what I'm gonna make this weekend, thanks for the suggestion!!

with nuts, toasted pecans!

No nuts, please.

I like them with peacan - and peanut butter chips as well as chocolate chips.

For some reason I usually make them without nuts but I really love them with nuts. Thanks for the chance to win.

White chocolate with macadamia nuts OR regular chocolate with any kind of nuts. A chocolate chip cookie without nuts is just NUTS!

Without! Not everyone likes nuts in their cookies, and whenever I bake, I pass goodies out!

Without nuts...I have the set of circles and the ovals look amazing! :)

Without nuts for my cookies. Thanks for a chance to win.


Chocolate chip cookies? However I can get them, especially if someone else makes them!


nuts please!!! but i'll have a chocolate chip cookies any which way. cookie cookie cookie me want a cookie PLEASE!!!

Oh, definitely without. Don't want anything interferring with the taste of the chocolate.

Without...unless they're white chocolate cookies.

I love nuts, but not in my chocolate chip cookies. They should be chewy and warm with lots and lots of chocolate.

Plain Choco chips,with nuts when somebody gives ansu chennai

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't! LOL! I like pecans in my chocolate chip cookies.

With pecans or macadamias. M-m-m-m. I think I will go preheat the oven!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookies...I NEVER say NO to Chocolate Chip Cookies either way!! LOVE THEM!! And my thighs are proof of this!! haha
Thanks for the chance to win the ovals!!

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