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With nuts and substitute the vanilla extract with orange extract (extract, not "flavor"). Love my multiple sets of circles and I hear the ovals calling my name.

I say WITH nuts. My husband says NO nuts. I would love to win the perfect ovals--the circles are great!

without...i don't like crunchy things infiltrating perfectly good cookie! but i'm sure i'm in the minority ;)

Nuts are OK in choc chip cookies, but dried cranberries are even better. Now brownies **must** have nuts.

Without nuts. Why spoil the taste of that creamy chocolate goodness with the crunch of nuts.

Con nueces... junto con el chocolate, ¡Deliciosas!
Mari Carmen


I like mine with pecans. When the kids were home I baked them without - their preference, but now I bake them the way I like them! DH likes any home baked cookies, so he's happy either way!

I like them both ways, don't usually get them with nuts in them, because my husband doesn't care for nuts, so when I do have them with nuts its an extra treat.

Chocolate chip cookies, with semi-sweet chips, and nothing else to take away from the chocolate goodness.

My mother had this AWESOME chocolate chip recipe that she made for us back in the early 1960's. It had pecans in it, and I remember I'd search the cookie for a bite of pecan. Oh, my goodness! They were exquisite!!!! Definitely nuts!!!!

Yes please!

I add walnuts. It makes them "Healthy." :)

No nuts everytime.

Choc chips without nuts . . . now brownies, definitely nuts (pecans) !!!!

Definitely with nuts!


Without nuts... Thank's for the chance to win them! She is absolutly genious!
p.s. Erin,
Your Christmas angel block was my favorite! It inspired me to create a beautiful wallhanging. I had a lot of fun doing it. If you are interested to see it, please, follow the link to my blog. It is in russian, but pictures are international, aren't they? :-)
Thank you soo much!

Definitely without nuts! But of course I wouldn't refuse the nutted ones either. Thanks for letting us know about the perfect ovals. Will we be using these in our Miss Mimi? Jane

Without walnuts but with pecans or macadamias. So you mean I will like appliqué with something other than circles?

ANY Chocolate Chip Cookie is my favorite!! With nuts, without nuts, with chunks, with morsels, with any other yummy thing added! Thanks for the chance on the ovals!!

I don't like nuts, so that's a no-brainer. I go with the classic recipe on the Nestle's bag every time. M&Ms instead of choc. chips is good, too. Please give us a total of the tally, with or without. Just curious.

Oh my gosh, hands down they gotta be LOADED with either walnuts or pecans. Great...now I'm hungry, LOL. Hugs...

With nuts! Or if you have no nuts...I'll take them without nuts as well. Bring on the cookies!

Definitely with nuts!

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