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Perfect, thank you!

Erin, I must thank you soo much for your beautiful designs and the many helpful hints that you provide. It is very helpful to a beginning quilter such as I.

this is the way I did the 'my tweets' blocks, great method

I'm not sure how to ask this. On the scalloped edges on the vase, you don't cut the "dips" out any more exaggerated? From your pictures it looks like you just cut the template normal and then cut the fabric almost down to the "dips," leaving a couple of threads intact.

If that's the case, do you ever have any pieces of your applique come "undone" after washings, etc?

I took an applique class once and they suggested making more exaggerated cuts on those kinds of spots.

Thanks so much for you your blog. I learn something new almost every day!

I haven't done appliqué in many years. I was taught well, I thought, but I have no idea what you mean when you say "starch like you normally would." I never learned to starch appliqué. How is this done?

When I have printed and traced etc. my block it is larger than the other blocks. I made sure that it printed with out scaling I think it's called. Are the corner blocks supposed to be 11 inch blocks?

maybe your printer scaled the block to fit on the paper ?
It is important to un-mark the scale to fit box in the printer menu

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