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Hi Erin, Miss Mimi starts with a bang, the blocks are gorgeous, thank you so much for all your efforts, it's much appreciated!! Hug for you from Anita.

Erin -
Thanks so much for your applique patterns. I love them! It is so generous that you post them for all to use. Looking forward to the finished product.
Jackie Nelson

Wow! How fun!!! Thank you, Erin!

beautiful, thanks Erin!

Hi Erin, I can't wait for this series of blocks. Your work is so beautiful!

The download only contained one block. Was it supposed to have both corner blocks?

Hi Erin, I'm having a bit of a problem trying to download the blocks...seems I only get 1/2 of the first block? I can't wait to get started...they are beautiful, though I'm thinking it is going to take me some time! :)

OK, I get it now. I replace the P petals and the center with the F sections and center. It took me a little while to look over it more carefully.

oops, I also can only get 1 block to down load. I'm going shopping for the fabrics this weekend...wahoo!!

Hi Erin.....I am having the same problem as Maryann. Only one block and only half of it. The half part is no problem as I can do the mirror image but I was wondering if you forgot to add part of the files.
This is going to be another awesome quilt. Thanks for all you give to us.

Duh!!!! Must be the cold weather and brain freeze. I get it now. It is all there.

Thank you so much! It's going to be beautiful.

Thank you, Erin! As always they're great.

Sweet! And looks simple enough for a beginner like me!

Such a beautiful blocks.These are going to be
an awesome quilt.Thanks !

Lovely start to a great BOM series!
Looking forward to what the next months will bring.
have a nice weekend there in Colorado.

Oooo this looks fun, wish I could work as fast as you! Thank you for being so generous.
You should publish a book!!

Erin, thanks so much for your applique patterns.The blocks are gorgeous.

Hello Erin, I would like to know if the center block will be sent as a PDF file or you will send by mail. I from Brazil. Thanks, Rosane

Ohhhhh Erin, how beautiful the corner blocks are. I'm in love with them. Being an Autumn, I notice I gravitate toward warmer colors, but since I found you I'm so going to try to start getting more brighter and soft colors to add to my stash. Thank you lady.

You have share simply superb design tutorial and it's easy to make for everyone. Such a exciting stuff. Thanks.

As usual, you've outdone yourself, Erin! Wow, this will be another beautiful quilt!

Thank you very, very much.

Enjoy your week-end.

Yes, it would be so nice if you could make the center blocks available as .pdf

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