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I really like the on point with the small border, then the larger one. Can't wait for the first installment. Joan in MS

I like the border!

I like it a lot!

I like the one with the small inner borders but it would be easy enough to do either way if someone doesn't want those borders.

The layout looks awesome. I'm wondering if I'm biting off too much. I've really only done a little raw edge applique but I want to try another method. I've got the pattern for the center block, so maybe I should try it before I decide on the whole quilt. Or maybe I'm just freaking myself out and I should stop over thinking it. :-)

You could do 13 blocks. 12 different ones, 3 on each side and then the 13th one being a corner block.

I like without the thin pink border.

I like the first layout without the narrow border sashings. Being a longarm quilter for years now, narrow sashing is lovely but it's a pain to quilt. Not much room for designs so I would probably SID or freehand pebbles those take a steady hand an most of all lots of time. I would rather spend that time making beautiful feathers in those awesome triangles! No one ever appreciates SID but your eyes always see those feathers! No matter which you decide Mimi is going to be a wonderful BOM...Whooo-Hooo!!

I like the on point with the border. And I really like Lorraine's idea on the corner block idea.

Definitely on point and I like the mini-border. It pops.

I like the on-point setting and the inner borders. If you only do 12 blocks, that gives us 4 blocks to see if we can design our own to complement or to use our favorites from the year to fill in.

Love the layout with the added border. So pretty!

Erin, I am looking forward to another BOM from you. Is the center block already posted in your shop?

Erin you are so talented. I love the layout...actually like both. I think it's perfect because I was contemplating a dark background but wasn't sure about the blocks on a dark background. Now I can do the blocks on a light background with dark for the setting pieces. I love it. Can't wait to start.

Ditto on using the 12 different blocks with 1 more for the 4 corners.

I like the on point with the small border. Any thoughts yet on yardage needed?

On point will be nice! And a block in the four corners is a nice idea.

LOVE.... I just got my pattern for the center block in the mail yesterday. So excited to get it started!!! Must find something I like for my background fabric...

I'm with Lorraine, the 12 could be the three on each side and then you could do one more design for all four corners. A repeat of a motif from the center block would tie it all together. You could actually sell it as part of the center block pattern, to be used by those that want it, or not. If someone does not want to do the center block they would have no need of the corners either as they could just do a 3x4 layout of the 12 BOM, so it makes sense.

My personal preference is for the no-sash setting because I see making Mimi's Bloomers using the same fabrics in each block. If deciding to be wildly scrappy, using many fabrics and textures, a sash in one color adds unity. Either version is lovely.

I love the bottom one. I like the idea of the corners being something that matches. maybe a smaller vers of the middle block.

I, too, like Lorraine's idea. Maybe you could do it and show us how it would look. Do you do your in Electric Quilt? I LOVE, LOVE, that program! It has saved me tons of time and wasted money, showing me that an idea sounded good, but looked awful. I'm looking forward to doing Mimi's Bloomers!

I like the top the best, also. I like the idea of the 4 corners being the same block. For the person who has done only raw edge applique. What's wrong with doing Erin's block that way. Or as I am now having to do( perm. hand injury). I turn it under and do my stitches by machine. On the first BOM I used invisible thread and on "Twits" I'm using decorative stitches. I love the added deminsion to the applique.

Erin...love the on-pint setting! the extra space in the triangles yearn for feathers. Personally, I like both examples but would lean towards the thin border on the blocks.
I also like the idea of making a "13th" block as the 4 corners with the center block being the theme for them. But whatever you wish, is fine with me. The name of the quilt is clever, I like it. This is a great gift you are giving us!

I like the on point setting and prefer the small inner border. As someone mentioned, if the blocks are scrappy then the small border of one color helps tie it all together. I like making small flange borders or piped ones. they really add a spark. Twelve different designs and 4 corners alike seems like a doable plan.

I probablly wouldn't do it with the border on the block, because the block itself would be enough... BUT>..there is enough space on the blue to do a LOT of decorative stitching with the quilting which is NICE!

Too pretty! Another masterpiece.

I hope you had a great holiday season. Happy New Year to you.

I have been gone, and just got back... too much has happened. Will try to get an email out to you this weekend.

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