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Been working all last week preparing my applique borders for My Tweets.(been on vacation) Most of my bias stems made, all my pieces cut out & one complete side all turned, ready for glue basting. Whew! Never in my life have been so excited to see a finished quilt! Now for Mimi's Bloomers...I would love to have blocks on point.(they look so pretty) I do have a ruler that's supposed to take the math out of making "on point" blocks, but I have never used it. I need a tute!!! Thanks again Erin!

I vote yes to on point.

I love on point quilts, so great by me! Thank you, Erin! I can't wait to see your blocks for Mimi's bloomers!! Not that I need one more project for this year, but it's too fun not to do!

Can't wait to start Tweets as I am just finishing up setting Florabunda, I am a bit behind. I love the boarders for Tweets. One point sounds nice!! Can't wait to see it.

On point setting...yeah!

I just found your blog today and all I can say is WOW! I can't wait to see what comes next, I LOVE it, every little bit. EVERY LITTLE BIT. I made my first applique quilt last year, This year I will try to follow along with your new one. Can't wait.

I think I can handle on point - I've done it with pieced quilts, so it can't be too much different for applique right? I'm looking forward to trying to keep up with you on this one. It's one of my goals to do something other than raw edge circles. :-)

On point sounds great!!

Is the centre block a pdf download or a paper file that is posted? Thank you.

Love on point settings, yes please this time around. Thanks!!!!!

Voting ON POINT! Love you designs, when should we be expecting a book? Your work is amazing. I first seen your work in calendar.

I have never done an on point setting, but I have seen quilts done like that and.... I love it !!

Another vote for "on-point"!

I LOVE on point settings! Your designs are wonderful, I can't wait to see the new BOM. Thanks so much for sharing.

Beautiful quilt, Erin. On point would be great.

Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me.

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