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Scouting was such a huge part of my life...back when the cookies were .25 & .50 cents a box!! Thin Mints were my favorite for years but I'm loving Tagalongs now too!! Great give away Erin....love that sweet basket!!

LOL - samoas - when my son was in high school, we would order one and eat the entire box in one sitting - yum yum !

thanks for the chance !~

Traditional Thin Mints, of course. grin.

Always Thin Mints, but alas, we don't buy them anymore since my daughter now has food allergies. :-(

Definately Thin Mints!

I knew your basket couldn't stay empty for long!
Thin mints use to be mt favorites, remember when they had a thick layer of mint? Now I would have to say Samoas are. I come from a long line of girl scouts. My grandmother, at one time, was a leader for troop #1, the Juliette Low troop in Georgia. Girl Scout cookies have always been a part of my life.

Trefoils were my favorite. :) I love the basket and am feeling the need to make at least 4 of them. Thanks! :)

Thin Mints for sure - frozen! I love the basket. Thanks for the pattern and the chance to win the ruler.

i love the basket-filled with my favorite chocolate bourbon biscuits.will be great to win a ruler. ansu chennai

Thin mints have always been my favorite! Thank you for the cute basket pattern! The yellows and blues look great together. Reminds me that Spring is just around the corner!

Thin mints

Samoas - chocolate, coconut, caramel - what's not to love?

Sugar cookies all the way, then the mints. Look forward to ordering every year. Any of you remember camp fire girls and they sold mints, I so miss those!

Your basket is very cute! I love thin mints...they are my favorite.

Thin mints! No, wait. Samoas! No, definitely Thin Mints! Ah, heck. It's one of those two. :)

Thin Mints are definitely my favorites.

While my pedigree doesn't go back to troop #1, my grandmother and mother were both leaders. My daughter is now a Junior Girl Scout. Thin mints are a seasonal must!

My favorite girl scout cookie are dosidos

Ahh, just love this time of the year. Girl Scouts everywhere with their cookies. Just can't look at their sweet little faces and say no. (good excuse to buy,huh?) Love the Trefoils first but the lemon ones are sure good too.

Oh, gosh, it's been years since anyone has sold girl scout cookies in our area. But It was a carmel cookie I loved best.

I love the "boring" Shortbread cookies. They're simple and rich and yummy! Even after surviving being a leader and a troop cookie mom I still have to have me a box of shortbreads every year.

i love thin mints. its like eating potato chips. you can't eat just one. my second favorite is the samoas.

of course it is thin mints. Who can resist!!??

Samoas -- no contest at all. My DH loves the shortbread, so we buy enough to last all year of both.

Always and forever thin mints, and the shortbread come in second. Thank you for your beautiful patterns and thoughtfulness.

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