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Ahhh....this quilt yells..Spring is just around the corner, Yay! Thanks again Erin another winner!!

Love the layout. The applique gives the plates a certain elegance. Terrain is my favorite collection. My stash of it is calling me but I can't decide what to do with it yet. I never thought of using it in plates. Great inspiration.

love the layout - do you ever do pieced borders? they can look nice too.

LOVELY! The applique looks fresh and the plates have their own "inner light".

So beautiful! I love the colors that say Hello to spring!

WOW!!! This quilt ROCKS!!!!

I love the layout with the applique. Are you sharing the pattern?

Love your design. It says to me "Summer is coming." It has to be summer since we have been having spring all winter long here in the Kansas City area.

You are amazing! so creative!! love to see what you do!!!

Gorgeous! A new spin on dresdens and I love it!

I love the cheery colours. Beautiful design!

Very pretty. Are you sure you don't want to go bigger and make a bed quilt. It would be lovely.

Wow! I love this, it's so cheery!

Love, love, love... I've never had the desire to make a Dresden Plate, but this makes me want to jump in with both feet and start one now!

Lovely quilt! You are such a good designer!

Once again I'm jealous of your ideas and time to work them.

Love the layout. You do such beautiful work. I am always amazed.

This looks awesome Erin!

Wow! Love it! I'm going to have to start making some blades:-)

Gorgeous! I want to do one like this!

WOW!!! that is gorgeous! I too am working on a dresden quilt very similar but ric rac separating the blocks instead of applique...oh but I do LOVE the applique...hmmmm, might have to work that in somewhere : )

I'm a big fan of the shading in the green leaves.


Wow Erin, it is spectacular, you have done a fine job, and the colours are outstanding. It is always a pleasure to make your blocks, you keep it simple, but always beautiful :)

My reaction was also "Wow"! Beautiful use of color. I don't think I've ever seen Dresden Plates look like that - just fantastic. The applique fits them just right.

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