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No ideas on how to turn these into patterns, but I love how they look!

very pretty - I can see these designs in applique with embroidery and/or beads.

Ohhhhh! I could see these in some great applique with embroidery stitches and beading. They would also make some great thread art using all those wonderful exotic decorative thread that are available now.

Erin, These are beautiful. I can see them done in applique, beading and embroidery. They will be great. Take care and God bless, Cory

I'm thinking your own fabric line!! Why not draw some of your designs on PDF fabric with the black Tsukineko ink...iron to heat set it. Then use the colored inks to fill in all those motifs. I've always thought you should have your own fabric line!! Could be a whole new adventure... :D

Beautiful!! I was thinking your own fabric line too.

I see beautiful free motion quilt designs. They would work in any type of venue, door is open, enter it.

All great ideas....but, I see a fabric line coming on! :) ~Kelly

Beautiful Erin. I too think a fabric line, but do it with Moda so we can all enjoy!

Absolutely a fabric line - LOVE IT!

i think it would be great appliqued, bead, embrodiery and hand quilting.

Oh my gosh! If I had just an ounce of artistic talent...... I get envious every time I see ink drawings like those - I would love to experiment with that "problem" for you! I see fussy-cut fabrics, or new fabric design, or beads, or embroidery, or ink-embellishment.... Lots of possibilities!


Oh-h-h applique, embroidery, beads, fancy threads. I am drooling/ Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Applique, and embroidery!! Love combining the two!

I see a new line developing :)

Inkleque or thread painting would work, but I much prefer that you create a fabric with these designs.

I with all of the above!

They are stunning in black and white. I wonder what kind of pen you use and if your drawings just naturally have a "final draft" symmetry or if you use a form for some of your repetitive shapes.

If they were mine, I would scan them, print them on white silk ironed to freezer paper, make a "sandwich" and quilt them with beads. Then I would take the resultant piece and make i into a reusable slip cover for my sketch book.

Beautiful! Maybe a fabric printing on Spoonflower or embroidery? It would be cool to try thread crochet but it would be be more limited as to how well you could reproduce the shapes/images.

I just love following your blog and am working up to finally getting my applique going again. But wow!!!!! your designs are totally awesome. I think you should design fabric.
Keep up the great inspirations and tutorials

OOh I LOVE those. I wish I had a digitizing program because I'd totally help you out and digitize those into embroidery designs. You honestly would be able to sell those very easily Erin.

If you can find someone who digitizes they may be able to do it for you. I can't tell you how much they would charge you for doing them or if they would be willing to work out a deal but those would make awesome embroidery designs.

Hi I just came across your website today. The dresden plate idea is lovely!

Erin, that's just beautiful! I wish you could digitize that into machine embroidery designs!

And in fact, I DO have digitizing software and would love give it a try if you're interested!

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