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Erin, I spend a lot of time looking for that perfect color or print for almost every project I make. It's the "thrill of the hunt" that makes designing a project fun!I'm glad you found some colors that will work.

lol!! I've got a long-term UFO sooooo close to being finished, but I lack a yard of the setting fabric I have my heart set on using. It is, of course, no longer to found anywhere (a 2009 Deb Strain). I am determined to at least have that very particular kind of blue. Still hunting. I take the baggie of blocks and the yardage I'm trying to replace every time I go into a shop, and it's so recognized now, that the owners will just tell me as I walk in, "Yes, more blues arrived." (or "Not yet")

One day, I will find it!

I feel your pain. One year I needed peach fabrics. Do you think I could find any? A few years later, peach was everywhere! I never did complete that project. It's in the bottom of a box somewhere in storage. Good luck!

I have a confession to make. I have a severe periwinkle addiction and I have made it my life's work to buy all the periwinkle I can find. It is extremely hard to find for some reason.
So if you are having trouble finding it...oops I may have bought it all!! LOL

you should learn to dye and print your own fabrics that way you never have to search again.

i started making my own fabric 4 years ago and have never looked back.

Love, love, love my Periwinkle and white bathroom. Would love to find fabric that exact color. Good luck to you!

if you ever have trouble finding fabric to match have a look at the australian online sites we are always a season behind other countries :) i found that out when i order from the US and had to wait 3 months to bye more..

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