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good luck!

Preparing for the procedure is the worst part. Good Luck!

Oh, crap! :O) :O) :O) :O)

Good luck! I hope everything goes well.

It's too bad you can't have the anesthesia BEFORE dinking that stuff.

Good luck Erin, it will be Thursday before you know it!

From recent experience I can tell you that the prep is the worst part of the procedure.

Drink it fast...enjoying sleeping afterwards!

Welcome to the party Erin. You are about to enjoy the cleanest colon you'll ever have. It will be a thing of beauty. Getting it that way is not so pretty though. Enjoy the nap and the warm blankets. The warm blankets are the best part. That and the fact that you are not aware of the procedure as it takes place. That is a blessing. It will soon be over and you can laugh about it with your friends. Your over 50 friends anyway.

The prep is the hardest part. The test is a breeze. Hugs and prayers Erin. I've been through it 3 times and thankful I had it done each time, inspite of the prep work.

I agree with everything stated above. I did this a few months ago. You can do this...

are you allowed to add Hershey syrup to that drink? Good Luck and good nap!

YUK! I feel for you!

The worst is the drink, the rest is a piece of cake

oy! just go to your happy place. :)

You'd think that with all the advances that have been made medically that there would be easier was to do this.

when my husband had to do this I rented a couple of movies for us to watch. He was there when I put the first movie in and pushed start, then he left in a hurry. I pushed pause waited for him to come back he stood in the hallway I said come on sit down. He did. I started the movie poof he was gone. I waited and waited and waited he never did come back. He never did see those movies. :)

I say lets laugh now, not later... who knows you might even find inspiration on a floral smock one of the nurses is wearing!... Good Luck!


They have pills for prep now. Of the 3 prep types I've used the pills are the best! I highly recommend them. My first gastroenterologist wouldn't use the pills. The doctor I used last time did let me use the pills. You still have to drink the same amount of water as the liquid prep.

You certainly don't look 50 in your pics! The before is much worse than the event or afterward! Hope all is good news. It's probably too late, but making 50% of that liquid diet day Gatorade or similar electroyte drink really helps you get thru.

ok, been there, done that. My very best advice is kinda out there, but.... When you are coming out of anaesthetic, stay on your side with your knees pulled up as long as possible and fart away - as much as you can! Seriously! If you sit up in bed or worse sit up in a chair, you will stop passing gas and then you will hurt! oh ya, the good thing is - the farts don't smell - clean colin!!

O shame you poor thing. Will be thinking of you from all corners of the world!

My friend said the anesthesia was the best rest she had all year. The prep is the worst, though.

Had I seen this yesterday I would have told you to drink it through a straw. It helps the 'wonderful' tasting stuff past the taste buds and into the throat. But, that only helps a little since you still get to taste it. I do agree with other comments though - that stuff is the worst.

Hubby and I did that last year; him on Friday and me the following Monday. What a 'fun' time we had. HA. After his procedure as he was coming out of his sleepy time it was hillarious. He kept twisting his head up to see the clock on the wall and then reaching his hand out and attempting to snap his fingers as he kept saying "Here Baby. c'mere" It was hillarious. He'll kill me if he sees this I'm sure. Oh and "Baby" is our Ragdoll kitty. Why he thought the cat was there I'll never know. LOL Poor guy. All the nurses were snickering at him too because they could hear him because the room was right next to the nurses station. hehe

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