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Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it and had to share it as well.

Makes sense to me!

Wonderful video! Thank you! And I plan to share this also. ~Jeanne

Good stuff, Erin. Thanks for sharing. (I'm will start my 21-day program today!)

Cool..what a speaker, wish I could speak like that. Seems simple enough.

A great idea and very doable. I think I will start practicing this daily. Learned a long time ago NOT to watch the news. Nothing but violence and bad things and Not something you want to imprint in your mind,and there is nothing you can do to make any of it better.

I never watch the news. I have found that if there is something important enough for me to know (weather condition - ie tsunami warnings) that my friends and neighbors will let me know a bout it - as they all know I refuse to watch the news. In doing this, I also don't expose it to my children - they will learn later in life that there are bad things, but they need to be kids right now... the worst things they need to experience is to get homework and chores done.

I consider myself like an ostrich in this way - I stick my head in the sand to ignore the bad stuff going on around because nine times out of ten I can't change it, so why worry about it! I have been this way most of my life (I will be 39 in two months) - so I won't start trying to change now to be "informed".

Yes, sometimes, I feel like an idiot when people are talking "current affairs" - but you know I would much rather feel that way then worried all the time about something I have no control over.

Very cool! Thank you for sharing this with us :-)

This is great Erin, I always believed you controll your own happiness.

Wonderful. Another great video. I agree that success doesn't bring happiness but happiness bring success.

Hello Erin,
Thank you for this video!!!! I have given the link to two people in 24 hour hours and they appreciated it as well!!

I purchased his book last night - read it until 1AM. This morning I purchased one of his online courses.

Thank you so much, you make a positive difference in people’s lives in so many ways. I am very grateful!

For some reason, the video and link have vanished (on my iPad anyway). Could you re-post it, please? Thank you so much.

Great video! Wonderful way of thinking!!!

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