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I love downloadable patterns. I don't mind at all printing from my wee printer. And I save a bit on shipping costs to Canada. If it works for the seller, I imagine it saves quite a bit in overhead as well.

Great idea about downloadable patterns. I love them, and as Miss Impatient, once I decide I want to make something, I want to start it NOW. As I live in the UK, it does save on expensive shipping costs too. And I definitely would like you to have more time to produce more gorgeous patterns.

So far, i have enjoyed having downloadable patterns. I need to get my color printer working tho... Not a hard task. Haven't experienced getting downloadables from the resource you mention, so can't give specific feed back on them. Btw, congrats on your nomination! Well deserved! B

I prefer downloadable patterns! I half of my time in Canada and the mail system is up there is archaic! Takes forever!! I appreciate that you asked!

I love downloadable patterns because most of the I want it now. I have downloaded patterns from pattern spot before.

I love getting downloadable patterns. I don't have to pay shipping and don't have to wait by my mailbox for the pattern. Instant gratification is always good.

I agree with what others have said: no shipping, you can start straight away and I will add space saving to that. I am getting rid of lots of old patterns because I am down-sizing when I move in a couple of months time so will only have half the space I have now and patterns take up space!

I, too, love the downloadable aspect of "Pattern Spot". I live in a rural area of Utah and it takes sometimes 10 to 17 days for a pattern to reach me via "snail mail". I can start immediately, even if it's just making a shopping list of what I need for the project. I love that there is no shipping, also. I expect that I'm getting spoiled, but after having been a quilter for >45 years, I guess I've earned a LITTLE spoiling. (LOL!) All the patterns so far have been very clear and easy to follow. I really like it.

love downloadables. and anything that would give you more time to create and blog would be worth it. yours is the only blog I follow.

Downloadable patterns are a great idea! I LOVE them - instant gratification!

Haven't heard of Pattern Spot before, but I love downloaded patterns. I don't like waiting.

I don't know any thing about Pattern Spot but I love to download patterns off the internet. Saves time, money, and I can go right to my stash and pull fabrics. It was great to be able to get Miss Kyra that way.

I haven't heard of Pattern Spot, but I definitely prefer epatterns over paying for shipping & handling. I love the immediacy of seeing something I want to make and getting right down to it.

Pattern Mart certainly has a lot patterns. It looks like a great place to shop.

I love downloadables, seeing I live in Australia I don't have to wait for the postie to come. I've never heard of pattern spot until now but I'm going exploring to find out more. cheers.

I have purchased several downloadable patterns, and yes!!! it's the way of the future. Avoids the shipping costs and the wait. DO IT!

I'm taking the other point of view here. Shipping is offset by paper and ink cost of printing, and not nearly as professional. I like 'real' patterns.

I have seen patterns where you can get them either way. If you go downloadable, please keep the other option open for us too.


I will certainly do both...thanks

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