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Just the place for some gorgeous feather and flower quilting. (Since I'm a longarm quilter, I always try to leave negative space for quilting!)

I think you should applique swags in it. Enjoy! Jan

Oh, the quilting possibilities!!!

What about a couple of bias stripes following the curve of the scallops.
Perhaps a green inner and the floral multi on the outer stripe? The green would break into the quilt, but the multi could be continuous.

In the four corners I would make a small bouquet out of 5 different flowers. Then each of the other 6 white scallops, I would put 1 different flower sprig, (flower, 2 leaves & stem combo). I would bend the stems one up, one down like they were tossed in the breeze. It would still give plenty of room for some lovely quilting! Looking forward to see what you come up with! It's a great quilt!!

Whatever you do it'll be perfect... but hurry! I've been waiting (and waiting) for this one to be available to buy!

How about some butterflies or birds? I like the idea of the swag but mix in something winged?

I'm sure whatever you choose it will be beautiful, and I'm pretty sure you can come up with a better idea than I could! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

I think it should have some flowers and stems in at least 2 corners and have them extend around the scallops for a bit in each direction

Beautiful quilting!!

Knowing your wonderful sense of style, I'm betting some applique is in order. :o)

I like it "as is".

Wow, what a wonderful design! Beautiful quilting with a variegated thread in the colors of the quilt center and lots of feather designs for the quilting!

I'd love to see you repeat that darker green curved piece from each block around the outside of the size and corner setting triangles. That straight edge just looks too hard to me next to those lovely white scallops.

It's lovely! You'll come up with just the right thing.

I think it looks great as is. More room for some awesome quilting!!!!!

More applique flowers and leaves would look nice in those spots. Maybe some embroidery or large-stitch quilting with thread colors from the center of the quilt would be nice, too!


Perfect place for some great quilting with a bright varigated thread!

It's a beautiful happy quilt. For the white space, I'm with the first (and several other) poster... quilted feathers, swags, maybe some curved cross-hatching. But, it's true, I have a longarm and I'm not afraid to use it!

How about a swag that has some leaves and flowers intertwined with maybe a bee, ladybug along with a butterfly or two or even a wee spider or ant?

I think you need to balance the orange print a little, the piece is lovely, can't wait to see what you decide on.

Stitch each of the flowers instead of applique with tendrils and leaves connecting them. For those with limited embroidery knowledge a simple stem or back stitch for everything would work well. Those of us with a few more stitches under our belt could add as we saw fit to any simple line drawings. Maybe add a few garden friendly bugs or animals to the mix. Any thing you decide will be perfect for you as we all have seen before. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

maybe a few vines and flowers. it is just lovely :-)

Maybe some of the yellow?

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