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I just went to the website and donated for Kyra and her family. Erin has given some much to all of us who follow her blog at no cost to us. I challenge Erin's followers to go to the website and make a donation.

Oh Erin, thanks so much for sharing this story and your generous contribution. Your patter will be all the more special as it is associated with this precious child and her family. I know from personal experience how much prayer helps, so Kyra, her family, her physicians and heathcare providers are in my prayers. Bless you. B

I'm in!

I would like to order the pattern so the money will go to Kyra but I don't see the link to do that. How do I order the pattern?

where do we order the pattern. Thank you for helping a family in need

i just ordered the pattern. What a lovely way to help this family, Erin. Thank you for giving us all a chance to help too!

How can I order your pattern to support Kyra?

Made my donation earlier this afternoon. Hope this helps! Love the Dresden plate pattern...it's an all time favorite of mine!

I have ordered the pattern. I applaud your efforts to assist this family. I look forward to this project. I challenge your followers to make this quilt to pass on to another family in need - in the spirit of which it was developed.

Erin, who is providing such assistance to the family of Kira is worthy of a person like you who are always teaching us and donating their time and beautiful BOMs. I love the pattern ... beautiful. Congratulations on your attitude.

If you are in contact with the family, suggest they contact the folks that run a charity called "Artists 4 Amy" (www.artists4amy.org) a charity set up to help families in just this type of situation. A few years ago I donated a quilt to be auctioned at their fundraiser, it raised $350 for them. It's a great charity, I know the folks that sponsor and run it. They are wonderful.

I've placed my order. I came over from the Quilting Gallery. You are just so sweet!

HELP! I would love this pattern but I'm afraid that I am computer challenged. I love that this is going to help a great cause but for the life of me I can't figure out hoe to get to where to order the pattern.

I don't seem to be able to find the link to purchase the pattern. I appreciate anything you can do to help..Thank you for the beautiful pattern you donated with the proceeds going to Kyra. I love your site, You are so thoughtful and creative. I would like to purchase this pattern, Kyra and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You Barbara

When I read a story like this it makes me wonder why you americans are so happy with your self-pay-system when you get sick. In Denmark we pay tax - a lot - aproxx. 50% of our income - but when we get sick, we dont have to pay a thing, medicine and hospitals are free for danish citizens. I have a daugther 11 years old, born with a heartdisease and she have had 5 big operations for now. If we should pay for this... And one of us parents get our lost income payed from the county. Why isnt it like this in the US - it seems a bit old fashioned?

I can not find the link to order the design,

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