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What a treasure! I bet she is as glad to give you these wonderful magazines as you are to receive them.

How did she store them to have them so pristine? No discoloration and the colors still so vibrant! Treasures for sure.
Lucky girl.

Wow, those are truly treasures. I remember seeing the cover with the little girl reprinted in a quilt magazine. I think it was Quilter's Newsletter. So nice that they were given to someone who could appreciate them.

You are truly blessed!!

What a treasure! You are a lucky lady.

What an absolutely appropriate thank you gift! What goes around comes around. "'Tis blessed to be a blessing" applies here, I think. I don't remember if you said, does Miss Kyra herself get the quilt named after her or are you keeping that for business/sentimental reasons?

What a treasure indeed! But Erin, you are a blessing to so many of us. Your giving heart impels others to want to bless you.

Gotta love the finger wave hair of the one model. My mom used to do that to my hair when I was little with Dippity Do(sp?). Jeez, I hope that stuff is no longer sold. LOL

Wow, what a fabulous treasure for her to share with you. I can't believe they are in full colour too. Enjoy!

What a treasure in so many ways these magazines are! What you have done for Kyra is blessing to that family and there would have been no better way to thank you. I am truly touched.


Love them. What a lovely treasure.

Oh wow! You are so lucky to receive those as a gift. They are truly treasures!

What a treasure!! the covers are beautiful!

What a great gift. I looooooove the 2 front pictures with the quilt patterns.
Have a nice day

What a great thank you gift. How cool! Now you need to make one of those dresses, too.

What wonderful treasures! I just love vintage stuff like that--lucky gal!

I am so green with envy. I don't think this publication ever made it to New Zealand. I love looking at old quoting books and magazines.

How special that you now own those fabulous magazines.

Love those! My MIL gave me a bunch of her old WorkBasket magazines from the 1950s. They are a treasure too.

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