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Thanks so much for sharing. I am summoning up the courage to try FMQ..

The 'swirl' is perfect!! You make stink at stippling, but you've got that swirl down pat!! I am going to bookmark this page so I can give it a try when I am home and at my own machine!! Thanks!

I can't wait to try this. I am working on improving my FMQ skills--they can't get any worse!!!

This swirl is sooo much prettier than stippling - I really must try it! Gorgeous!

Thank you for your tutorial on "the swirl". I have tried this pattern, and wasn't too pleased with the result, but I can see from your instructions that you are much more methodical in your approach than I was. I tried making my swirls meander all over the place, and it wound up looking messy. Your swirls look beautiful, so I will be sure and try your approach.
By the way, I can't stipple, either, and don't care to. I don't find it very attractive.

I think there are more of us who CAN'T stipple than can. I actually have a template that I use (on small areas, only). I love the swirl and am going to use it in my next pieced quilt I'm working on -- it's mostly triangles and straight lines, so the swirl design will compliment it, I think. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!

Thanks for sharing that swirl pattern! My M-I-L just bought a mid arm quilting machine, and is encouraging me to quilt a few of my quilts. You really have to visualize the design before you start sewing! Also just learned that music may help you to stay in your "creative flow". Going to try this next!

Great idea and an achievable one! I do like this swirl, and I can see it in an applique quilt I will be starting to quilt this week. Thank you for the idea!

I love the swirl and will give it a try as well. Can you tell us where you found the quilt hanging thing-a-ma-jig?

Thanks. I trying to do more of my own FMQ especially on my smaller quilts and am always stumped as to how to fill in the background.

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