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It's beautiful. And, gee, your photoshop part doesn't look any different from the actual quilt. I assume the flowers nestled in the v's of the circle is the photoshopped part. It certainly is lovely.

Lovely! I'm eagerly awaiting the next steps to.

What about putting the flowers in the white area?

This is just to lovely! I love the flowers in the border. I like the idea of the feather quilting but would love to see an applique option too. Am I too bossy and demanding...Probably!

Love the applique in the border. It makes for a nicely harmonious quilt. I would go with the feathers in the white part, too. It would give a place to rest your eyes and to do my favorite quilting motif.


I think I agree with Ellen. There seems to plenty of room for more applique, the white space looks kinda dead. I'm sure whatever you choose it will be lovely as usual.

Slow and stead gets the job done and that quilt is stunning so far. I love everything about it especially the olive green with that orangey floral!

Very sweet. Love the posies in the border, they look so unexpected.

Just beautiful. These colors sing to me.

The border flowers really set it off. Just lovely.

A slow but wonderful work. Sometimes it takes time to create a master piece. I love it!!

I absolutely love this, Erin! If you aren't having more applique in the white part, I can definitely see free-handed feathers!!!!!

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