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I love character novels and my favorite place to read is the living room couch when no one else is home. I'm going to read this book soon!

I like most fiction. Sometimes I want the light quilty fiction and other times I like the techno-thriller stuff and everything in-between. My favorite place to read is on the beach (weather permitting) - it is wonderful with the soft breeze and the surf sound in the background.

I love mysteries and historical fiction. I usually read in bed.

I like romantic fiction, Christian-based fiction,
and quilty/crafty fiction. My favorite place to read is on the living room couch, but just about any place will work!

I love a good fiction book, if it has quilting or sewing that is just a huge bonus! I love to read while sitting in my recliner. What a great blog you have. I really enjoyed visiting and will probably be back to look over your appliques tutorials. Too scared to try that so far. Hope I win this book, can't wait to read it!

My favorite reading place is my brown reclinger in the living room enjoying quilting books and romantic novels. You have a fantastic blog and now you are giving us all a chance to win Ties that Bind. This book will become a part of someone's library forever. Thank you for participating in the book blog hop tour and making this fun for us.

Sandi T.

I love a historical fiction with a little romance...and maybe a little who dun it tossed in!! I would love to read this book! Thanks for the chance!

I love mysteries but I also throughly enjoy Jennifer Chiaverrini's books, especially the historical ones. Laura Childs is a favorite also. I usually read in the living room since it has the best lighting but I'll read anywhere.

I love to read anything and everything, but I guess my favorite books to read would be from James Patterson.I really love the way he tells a story. My favorite place to read is at the dining room table. I'm not into TV much so while my hubby is watching, I can have this time to myself, and really get into the story. Thanks for the giveaway.

I do love to read mysteries with a little romance...I usual read sitting in my sunroom or in bed just before going to sleep. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

For fiction, I like a breezy romance - Debbie Macomber, Iris Johansen, Nora Roberts. I also read a lot of nonfiction - biographies, science for the general population, stuff that makes me feel smart. My favorite place to read is the comfy chair in our living room, preferably with a bowl of popcorn next to me.

historical romance, I'm a sucker for them. Favorite place to read is outside on the patio on a nice day. Thanks

Ii love her books can't wait to read this one!!!

My favorite place to read is in the car when my husband and I are on a road trip. I love all kinds of books, fantsy, romance, mystery, detective, humor..if I'm caught by the first few pages, I'm off and running. Just depends on what mood I'm in and what I want to read. Her books sounds great.

Oh goodness - I don't think I have a favorite genre. I love great reads all across the board. This series is so much fun, but I also love biographies, historical fiction, nonfiction, and fiction. I don't think we have a room that doesn NOT have a bookshelf in it...with the exception of the bathroom. :) My favorite reading spot is the shady spot under the tree in the hammock.

I like a wide variety of books. I even read cookbooks. I have read all of Marie's Cobbled Court books and just loved them. I can't wait to read this one.

I love historical romances. I'm stuck int he regency era right now. :) Thanks for playing along in the blog hop!

I love to read! I enjoy mysteries, Christian fiction, historical fiction, and quilt-y fiction. I love to read in bed. Thanks for the great giveaway!

I read all genres! Every morning, I read books instead of the paper, if something important happens in the world, my husband has to tell me! Thanks for the chance to win, I have not read any of her books.

oohh, i love medieval mysteries and my favorite time/place to read is just before bed all snuggled under my quilts!

I'm an avid reader and read everything, fiction and non-fiction, but I like mysteries best. I read in bed before sleeping, snuggled under one of my quilts!

I read late at night in bed on my kindle. I love mysteries.

My favorite genre is anything craft related in combination with a mystery so Marie's are just perfect for me. I will read just about anywhere and always have a book for me so I really don't have a favorite place. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your wonderful giveaway!

I think I like contemporary American fiction better than anything; I read in my library (it's little but with a great recliner), or in bed at night.

I love all kinds of fiction. I read almost everywhere and usually always have a book or magazine with me in case I have to wait or kill time. My favorite place to read is wherever I can.

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