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LOL, I though poof and poofy were words - I think spell checker isn't up to quilting words!
I leave extra fabric on the backs of my applique sometimes also to make them poofy!

Great tips & the photo really shows your poof factor! That silly Microsoft's vocabulary is limited! Looks great! Becky G

So if I'm reading this correctly you are using the wool bat for the whole quilt?
The quilting on the background then allows the "poof" effect.

Thanks, Erin, for photos and diagrams of your quilting. Really helps to see what the designer does with her work.

Do you stuff each piece as you appliqué or is your batting causing the poof?

Of course they're words! Silly computer spell-checkers! You'd think they were programmed by men (LOL) I think your quilt is LOVERLY (they probably don't think THAT's a word, either). LOL Again

This is exactly what I have been looking for.
Can you tell me how you did the applique so that the edges are turned in.
I'm trying to make hands and I haven't been getting much help from the local quilt shop. They want me to zig zag the edges, but I like your applique better. How did you do that?

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