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Both settings are lovely. but the on-point one is extra special. Looks more exotic.
And yes, I would love to learn some of your tricks to designing. I have just started to use my cell phone to view different settings for my quilt blocks, too. works great.

Both settings are great. I like the straight setting. It is great that you are willing to share your tips for designing! I always learn something wonderful from you. Thanks!

I like the straight setting better. A manipulation tutorial would be great.

A big yes to blogging your design tips. The straight design is the most pleasing to my eyes.

I would really appreciate designing tips with Elements. I also like the on point setting better. :)

Yes, please, Erin. I would love to learn how to do this with Elements. I like the on point setting the most. It looks intricate and beautiful!

I am super interested in learning about how you design! I am doing a little design, just getting my big toe wet so to speak, but loving it and running up against my lack of knowledge. I like the on-point design best!

Yes, any help in that area would be wonderful..like it on point, much more rich. Thanks for the help in these areas.

YES, YES, YES, any help you can give me with Photoshop Elements would be greatly appreciated!! Also, on point, it's not even close in my book.

I would really appreciate designing tips with Elements. I also like the on point setting better.

I would LOVE to see how you use Elements to design. I have learned so very much from your blog and youtube videos! Both straight and on point are fabulous.

Yes, i would love to learn about Elements! I love the on point layout.

LOVE IT! I'm a fan of the straight layout!
Would you mind doing a tutorial on how you do the "funky borders"? I would love to learn!
Thank you,

I like the on point one the best... Even has a little room on the edges to add some appliqué! Imagine that!

I like the on point version also, but they are both so pretty that you can't go wrong either way. I would love to learn more about Photoshop Elements. I use it for some basic photo editing, but if I could fit quilting into that bag of tricks, all the better!

I have both DH and DD trying to teach me Photoshop - your tips might actually make sense. I am partial to the on-point setting, it makes it seem so much more complicated. But. . . if you want traditional, the straight set does that. I waver back and forth between traditional and less traditional, probably will never go completely modern.

I love both settings. They look so different. A tutorial would be great. I seldom have time to figure these things out myself.

I had no idea I could use Photoshop to design. Would love to learn how to use it this way. I like both settings but I really like the on-point. Really appreciate your willingness to teach us some design tricks, would love to learn

Absolutely! As I was reading I was thinking, Boy I wish I could use that for designing. You are so generous to share your ideas with us!!

I love the on point setting! And yes, teach us how to do this !

Would love more elements tutorials!

I like the on point and would love the tips.

I like the straight setting best; I always have a problem figuring out what to do with all that empty space in the setting triangles.

I have both EQ7 and Photoshop CS, so I wouldn't utilize any technical tips for PE, but I'll certainly pay attention to design tips!

I would like the tutorial. Any and all help is appreciated.

Love the one set on point. Yes, more information would be wonderful. Do you make a block, then take a picture of it to work with?

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