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Yes, all tips to improve our quilting & modifications & designing are greatly appreciated.

I love the on point setting and yes I would like to know more about the Photoshop Elements, however, I am not computer literate. This post is as advanced as I can claim. Would I be able to grasp the concept?

I'm usually an "on-point" gal, but I really like the straight setting! Would you, could you teach us a little about Photoshop Elements? Great! Thanks!

When I saw the first block, I thought it was a bit too cramped. I like both settings, the on-point one a bit more than the straight set. I use EQ7 for designing, but I don't do a lot of applique (yet). It's really great for trying out color schemes.

loving the on point setting.

I absolutely would be interested in learning this skill. I have an old EQ, I think it's 4, but not sure, that I haven't used for quite a while. However, I loved to play around with it when it was newer to me. I think I like the on-point setting best, but would probably use 1/2 blocks at the edges to fill in. THEN, I wouldn't have to worry about all that free space to fill with a design when quilting the piece. (Am I just messing with your head, now?) But, really, that's what I would do. Both are lovely, however.

Hi Erin, Love the on point first, then the straight layout is beautiful as well. Good luck with your decision.

I would love to learn how to use Photoshop to design. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated as I am also trying to find a way to design on my computer. As to your settings, both look terrific.

On point, no question!

ON POINT!!!! It is amazing!!!!

Would love to learn how to design using a computer. Both designs are lovely, but I have a soft spot for on point quilts.

Yes, please! I would so benefit from some lessons on Photoshop Elements - it's sitting in my computer doing NOTHING and I know it could do fabulous things! Your offer to help all of us is so generous!! As for your "no color design quilt" - I LOVE the on-point setting mostly for the secondary design it gives!

I think a tutorial on using Photoshop Elements software to design quilt layouts would be awesome. I love both layouts if you're asking for feedback. But I usually like your patterns that have more variety.

I would love the tips and I like the on point setting best.

LOVE the ON POINT setting!!! The secondary pattern it creates is so lovely! I would LOVE to have PS Elements Tutorials! But you'd have to start with the very basic steps for us non techies! LOL

I would so love to learn. What program would I need to purchase. I prefer them on point.

Yes to the tutorials for Elements. My preference for the layout is on-point. I can just see some additional appliques in the open areas.

I am all for some tips! And I like the straight setting this time around.

I am partial to the straight setting! And I would LOVE some Photoshop Element tips!

Love the on point! Would be very interested on how to work with Photoshop elements.

I would love to learn about Photoshop Elements and other design tips. I love your blog and I prefer the straight setting.

Since I don't have Photoshop, a tutorial would not benefit me. However, I like your design on point the best.

The on point setting really caught my eye. Have never worked with Photo Shop, so would like to hear more about it and how it can be used.

I would love to see your tips. I very recently found your blog when I followed a link from Leah Day's site. I've read all your old posts and I love your blog. I love the name of your blog and I love your quilts. I ordered the Intertwined pattern right away and have started my own version.

BTW, I do not think of Elements as a poor man's version. I think of it as one that isn't so complicated as to send an ordinary person running out of the room screaming. :D

Yes please to the Photoshop tutorial. And I like the on-point best - looks more complicated!

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