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I am very thankful for my family and my grandchildren. I have had custody of my four grandchildren for a year and a half and we have made it this far and I hope we can continue making it as fas as we can

I'm grateful that it's nearly the summer break!! I am planning a big quiltathon over the summer breaks - lots to catch up on !! Thankd for the opportunity - these look terrific stash busters!!

Wow - you couldn't have picked a better day to ask that question.
I broke my leg rollerskating with my 9 yr old daughter back in early February. It required extensive surgery, 2 metal plates and something like 22 screws. Just yesterday, which was 4 1/2 months later, the surgeon gave me my life back!!! I can finally drive again (of course i had to break my Rt leg!) Feels like i can BREATHE again! Finally! The best thing that came out of this trying time was - i learned how to drive my sewing machine with my left foot!!! Thanks for the fun question!
Best wishes. Keri

Hi .I am a Mother, full time Nurse and run a store. I am gratefull every day that I am alive.I hear people complain every day, but I am thank ful where I live, where it is safe, food to eat,and shelter during the storms. I have family and friends, What more could you want. Money isn't everything. It can't by you your health or your happiness. I try to remember that things could always be worse, and things happen for a reason.

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