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Testing, testing! I'd love to have Miss Kay come live at my house!

Oops, forgot about the pet name -- my son named his cat Spot. What? I didn't think that was dignified, so I re-named her Sophia Penelope Ophelia Tucker, and now I feel comfortable calling her S.P.O.T.

If Miss Kay were to come to my house, I would call myself a pet name: Lucky!

Can't seem to leave a comment on the previous post!
I'm sure Miss Kay would love to come and live with me!

my cat's name is Princess Sugar Cookie :) my daughter named her.

I can't even get the posting about Miss Kay to show up! I assume from the previous comments that pet names are involved? If it is supposed to be a unique name, our cat Moqui is probably the most unique one we've owned. Pronounced Moe-key, it has something to do with meditation balls!
No matter what, I would love to win any patterns of yours! I am still working on My Tweets! And I do love it! :)

I have a mixed breed dog I call Weasel-maybe not the oddest but pretty unique. Also had a lab mix I called Poodle??? !!

thanks for a chance to win the pattern!!

my cousin had a rough collie called Fella and she would get some strange looks in the park when she would call Here Fella.

We have a Yorkie named "Dimpleton" who looks so cute among the pink impatients in my garden. He loves my fabric and the plastic bags my quilt kits come in!

Love Miss Kay!

My dad lived in an apartment after WWII with several other veterans and they had 2 cocker spaniels: Puddles and Pooh. They were named for their abilities, as I understand it. Puddles lived with us after my folks married and I was a baby. I heard she was a pretty good dog and saved me from a rattler!

I could read the Miss Kay post but couldn't leave a comment. Very pretty pattern.

My first granddaughter is expected in August, and nursery colors are pink and green. I was at a loss of what to make for her first baby quilt. Then I saw THIS! Thanks so much, Erin! It's PERFECT!

We have a dog named 'Padfoot' after a character in the Harry Potter books.

Miss Kay is a beautiful pattern!! Funniest pet name I've known came from someone I used to work with. He had a tiny Dachshund (whose name I don't remember) and the largest Great Dane I have ever seen. That dog's name was Kitty. It was hysterical to hear my coworker call, "Here, Kitty" and see this huge horse of a dog come galloping, with the tiny Dachsie in hot pursuit. Still makes me laugh to think of it years later :-)

love your new pattern...very pretty!

Remember the movie "Revenge of the Nerds". Well way back then, my husband decided to name our cat ``Booger``. I thought that was a better name than ``Dead Meat`` (Nope, he didn`t like cats) so Booger it was. Within a month of Booger joining our household, we moved to a very small military Radar Station. Imagine our surprise when we discovered ANOTHER cat there named Booger. That cat followed it`s owner to the bar and sat there with him, LOL! It was always fun to call out the door for our kitty ``Here Booger, come on in Booger``... Anyways, Miss Kay is a gorgeous applique pattern. I would love to have it come to Booger`s parents home!!

We had a pair of male cats named Bartles and Jaymes, but the funniest name goes to my 5 year old grandson. He named one of the neighborhood cats Twinkleman.

Love your new pattern... love your colour choice very pretty!!!... My son always wanted a bulldog for a pet ,because of my allergy we weren't able to have one... I love the name he pick out " Pot Roast" till this day I chuckle years later.......

I enjoyed hearing about the dog whose name was pronounced "dee oh gee" and spelled DOG.
I love the delicate, cheerful pattern!

I would love to win Miss Kay. This pattern is so pretty. A pet name? I had a cat growing up named Smudgie and another named Calvin J. Kitty.

I would love a miss Kaye pattern, to go with my Miss Mimi :)

Oooh, this pattern is sooo pretty! I love the leaves, and how everything is off-center.

I also knew a dog named Dee-oh-gee (D.O.G.)
My husband's family had dogs, one named Harvey Wallbanger (because he'd run into walls) and the other named Tremor, because they lived in California.

Colonel Winston Cricket is my daughters tiny orange cat. He even has a facebook page.

Love your patterns Erin!!

Thank you I love this pattern. We had a dog Named Rexie. I loved that dog, my 5 year old son named his dog Ashes because he was the color of the ashes Grandpa took out of the wood Stove. Thanks for the Opportunity to win.

Ooooo-Wheeee!!! I am such a sucker for those beatiful pink colors!!Once again,you have outdone yourself with this gorgeous pattern! Your talent never fails to amaze me!My kitty-cats name is Mee-shu,and he thinks he is the most beautiful cat in the world!

My sister named one of our cats "Miss Kaye" when we were growing up. The cat didn't like her much, it always came to me instead. I still miss "Miss Kaye".

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