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No strange pet names from here. Do love the new pattern!!

this is very nice site. I am still working on My Tweets! And I do love it.

My friend has a jack russell terrier called Pog. Short for pillow hog!
"Miss Kaye" looks mighty pretty! I am new to quilting and applique and have learnt lots from you already. can't wait to see more!

Growing up we had two dogs named Tinker Bell and Tex. They were Chihuahuas and she got her name because she was so tiny and cute and he got his name because his size was the antithesis of the large state of Texas. Love your new happy block.

This pattern is just gorgeous. When my son was about 6 we got him a kitten for Christmas, appropriately when he found the kitten in the house meowing it was sitting under the Christmas tree. This wasn't staged. My son named him Bandit and he was such a beautiful little friend.

This isn't really a funny pet name, but I had a dog named Molly and not long after I got her people started naming their babies that. So I'd ask someone just back from her maternity leave what she had named her baby. I had to bite my tongue several times from saying, that's my dog's name and just say, oh, that's a pretty name! Lol

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We had a dog Named Tiger. I loved that dog, Thanks for the Opportunity to win.

I have a mixed breed dog I call Weasel-maybe not the oddest but pretty unique. Also had a lab mix I called Poodle??? !!

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