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I too can't get the original post up--but if it's anything like Monday's post it's gorgeous. I had a cat named Friday and no it wasn't black. I don't remember why we called it that.

I had a grand dog who was named Zero after a candy bar. She was all white with some brown. She loved everbody.

Miss Kay is so beautiful. I'd love to win her!

My husband's friend had a black dog named Spot. Everywhere he sat, he was a big black spot.

My sister in law had a friend who named their dog "Shovelhead." He actually looked like he had been hit smack up the head with a shovel! Poor dog!

And my brother had a dog named Socrates...pronounce "sew-crates" (from the "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" movie)

Those are the best I can come up with! :)

I would love to win a Miss Kay pattern!
Growing up, my family had a blue-eyed husky named "Jester." I haven't a clue how he came to be called that. However, we were given a kitten, who we named "Sam" UNTIL we found out that he was a she kitten. (Talk about your teachable moment about the birds and the bees, and the kitties!) To remedy the situation, someone decided the name should be "Cinderella" which my brothers hated. So we compromised and the little kitten became "Samarella." I hadn't remembered that in years! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

I think an excellent cat name would be Charles. I don't know why, but I think it has a certain formality that befits a cat.

Such a lovely pattern! Thanks for chance to win. I acquired a rescue cat @ 10 months... My daughter wanted me to call him "clyde.". About day 3, he came around the corner & I said "Hey Handsome!" He came running, so his name remains "Hey Handsome."

All I can see is the picture, but if we're able to win her I'd sure love to add her pretty little self to my office!

My daughter has a dog named "Pippin Snibbins Reinert" I think she thinks it is her kid. I used to have a dog named "Bubbles" I thought is was funny. But it was even funnier when I met a girl with that name.

Well, you asked for unusual/funny pet names. I can't claim this one, I believe it was Robert Duvall who had this great line in a movie. He had a dog named Dammit. "Like in C'mere, dammit!"

congrats on your new beautiful pattern.
My brother had a dog once that he named Weed. It was in the 70's so you can guess why.

I'm just lovin' reading all the names of critters! Some are so dang clever! My sister had a cat named Fungus....and he got his name because he had fungus on his head! Thanks for the chance to win the Miss Kay pattern, it's charming!!

My first cat when living on my own was named "Kheldar" after a character in one of my favourite David Eddings books. I had to move into an apartment that did not accept animals and Kheldar found another home with my former room mate on a farm! Sooooooo as soon as I moved again I got a new kitten and the character in the Eddings book is a prince so my new kitty was Prince Kheldar the second!!!!

I would love to win this pattern! It is just gorgeous. The colors suit me to a T.

Erin... My family makes it a point to name their animals something unique, and some one always has to see if they can do better than the last pet brought into the family... There was a cat that no one could agree on a name for, for such a long time, that she became Nonny, by default, short for Anonymous. There were the two Shih Tzu's that joined the house hold at the same time who were known as "Hei- Hyu, and his sister, Hu-Mi, (Hey You, and Who Me?!) The Pomeranians that never weighed more than 2 pounds each that were named Brutus, and Killer, and on and on......

We have Abby, Sadie, Buffy, Ms. Murphy, Mickie, and Mango. And they all would love to have me be able to make Miss Kaye for our house.

Miss Kaye is pretty. Pink and green my favorite colors. I would use it for the center of a pink and green quilt.

I love this design. I really like the leaves. Makes me think I'd have to do feather quilting on it.

Miss Kay is darling - and I purchased my fabrics to make her without really realizing it... I just knew something in your store was going to be created at my house! Congrats on the new pattern - another winner!

I had a cat as a child, and we thought it was a boy, so my brothers named it Top Cat, or TC like the cartoon from ... um... 1980 or so. And then we found out it was a female, but the name was stuck!

Larry. Little scruffy haired mutt and really cute. Larry seemed to fit him.

A crazy cousin of mine once had 2 hunting dogs, 1 named Pete, the other named RePete. Love the pattern & the pink/green combo.

I sure wish I knew of a funny pet name but I don't. The closest thing to a funny name is what we named our neighbors dog. The very overwieght Daushound had an allergy to grass that made the hair fall off its rear end in the summer. So we renamed her MonkeyButt because when she was walking away from you she looked like a red bottom gorrilla. She became so used to us calling her monkeybutt that she would respond to it when we called her!

Looks like you commenting is working again! YEAH! How about Pepples for a pet name, don't remember where or who, but I thought it was funny.

I tried to comment on the previous post, but it kept telling me it was a broken link. My dad once had a beagle that he named Rabbit. Can't remember why he named it that though lol.

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