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I love flowers, sheep and lambs, fairies and their homes, i like the sweet town you drew on your calendar. I have also been looking at the doodles you are posting on pinterest, i love them a lot, but unsure how they would translate to applique, maybe more suited to quilting. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

What about a sewing themed blocks - scissors, spools, pin cushions, pins/needles, sewing machine, bolts of fabric, thimble, block with flowers/leaves. Just a thought!

I've always wanted to do a quilt showing all the different "hats" a woman has to wear.

I vote for neighbourhood and butterflies! I live in Germany, we're sick of the rain, you can have it all! I'll do my best to shoo it over to you but it's a long way.

Praying for all of you affected by the fires... Including the wild creatures.
I love the flow, architecture & graphic quality of your work. Lots of great ideas so far. I would love to see your design for a fall themed piece.... Thinking pumpkins & their vines, or perhaps with oak leaves & acorns. Thanks for all you give! Stay safe.

Butterflies would be divine! Don't forget the caterpillars if you do butterflies, they can be so cute! Of course I love all your designs and am ever so grateful for your generosity with your talent and wonderful advice. You taught me to applique!

I know I'm coming late to the party, but here are my thoughts. The elephant is cute, and I really like the houses, too. Our foremothers quilted what they saw, what they lived with. Perhaps a modern neighborhood series, with a movie house, a library, a quilt shop, a supermarket, etc. I find calendar quilts restrictive, same with the 12 Days of Christmas. Erin, everything you do is lovely. That's why I check your blog regularly. I've already prayed for rain and will continue to do so. I have a cousin and aunt in Loveland.

just a idea hummm!!! ... two by two (Noah's arch) elephants, tigers, lions,etc.... or african safari lay out... can't wait to see what you come up with.... thoughts & prayers for rain for our neighbour, ( USA) sunshine in British Columbia, ( Fraser River ) .. please send some prayers our way for the families and victims (in a mall roof cave in 30 people missing Canada )

I'd like to see you take on butterflies too!

Jan (above) asked about bigger applique flowers. Well there is this gadget (Quilters Proportional Scale)- on Golden Threads website - which is a wheel that gives the percentage to use on a photocopier machine to make patterns the exact size you want - bigger or smaller. It's on my wishlist!

I wish I could send our cold wet WA weather to you! Stay safe.

You do so many great designs - I can fall in love with almost any of them. I like the idea of hearts or animals. Not so interested in Christmas. (Have too many unfinished holiday projects!) Seashells? Teacups?

First of all - your designs up to now was just amazing, and you should continue with that.
Secondly, I love water animals (fish and mammals) and won't mind a under water/fish project. Maybe some water fountains? Whales and dolphins...
I like the animals and elephants ideas too.
Hope you get some rain soon and can get those fires under control!

I totally sympathize with what Colorado is going through....I'm in Arizona and we've had several of those super huge fires here in the last couple of years. They are so scary...even the ones that are hundreds of miles away, but the ones where you can see the glow from the flames are quite intense and cause many sleepless nights. We don't have any rain here in Arizona (temps in 112-113 this week), but I will pray that maybe some of that rain in Florida could change it's path and hit you guys!

As for the quilting....I love houses of any kind, so that would be my biggest vote.

Hi. I have an applique elephant quilt on quiltwoman.com. I use a method similar to yours to hold my pieces together, but I machine appliqued the pieces down, as part of the embelishment. It's called Lucky Elephants.

Larger, simple, stylized animals would be fun. I'm having an elephant thing too lately. Elephants could be dancing on a bed of flowers. A Giraffe could be wearing a wreath of flowers. A big bird (did someone say Peacock?) could have flowers as its tail feathers.... Maybe it's time for a day at the zoo for some more inspiration.

Speaking of Feathers, I would also like to see a design based on feathers or paisley shapes. Or floral "dots" of varying sizes,

Houses ... that's more piecing than applique, so not as appealing to me, tho I love the look of them.


prayers with regards to the fires. I cannot imagine living with that fear. Erin, I love your work and would love to see you do season's with houses or in my own personal quest, dimensional flowers. I am learning so much from you and your expertise. I have also shopped esty and your new patterspot. I am having problems getting the pattern for the latest one in pink and it is so gorgeous. I live in Canada and would love to be able to download this beauty. I do for myself and for charity, especially wall sized for the walls of a children's ward at the nursing home.

Keep up the great work., and please write a book. I would purchase the first copy.

I know you posted this question a long time ago, but I just have to pipe in. I LOVE elephants!!! :-)

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