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I am in soggy south Florida. If I could send you some rain I certainly would. I think we can spare it. As for designs, elephants would be interesting. Loved your little drawing. Butterflies would be nice.

But I love your flowers! Only do other stuff if you keep doing flowers, too! That said, I could probably get excited about houses or elephants - those sketches are darling!

Love the houses on the hill.
And yes, prayers to you Colorado natives and the fires.

fairies... simple landscape...holidays but not exclusively Christmas... puppies and/or kittens (thinking baby quilts here)...but definitely and always flowers. I also like the butterflies idea.

I would love to send the rain your way since I live in soggy Washington! (We are calling our weather "June-uary") I would love to see you design a pattern with fruit on the vine or branch. Of course anything Christmas themed would be awesome!!

I love EVERYTHING you do, Erin, so you can't disappoint with whatever you come up with! Every year in October, my cousins and aunts get together to make a quilt for our Family Reunion auction. This year, I put in two blocks, one of your Tweets and your basket weave. Everyone just LOVED those blocks. I admit they looked outstanding, but it was because you break everything down and make it simple to understand. THANK YOU! I am now working on a block for our October Quilting Bee. It is an outline of Texas. I wanted to do your starch and press method, but there are so many jagged edges, twists and turns, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get it on my block. I just wanted to say that I love your creative talent. It is just amazing, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Personally, I like the flowers, but if I could wish for someone to do the design work for me, I'd have it be you, but elephants don't excite me as much as fruits and houses would. Seasonal? But please, no snowmen!!

YOu do beautiful work. Oh, and thanks for the heads up about the photoshop tutes!


Hearts are always a winner! I'm working on the Vintage Valentines project right now and just loving it! It seems everyone who sees it falls in love. I'll be praying for rain for your area. We could sure use some here in Nashville too! Expected to hit high 90's this week and no rain in sight.

I'm sending up prayers from Memphis for rain. I watched an episode of "Why Quilts Matter" yesterday on PBS about how quilts are uniquely American and what they tell us about our history and ancestry--so many story quilts. It got me thinking about making quilts that tell my great-grandchildren something about family or the times we live in. Quilts that matter to my family. I know I could learn some of your artwork techniques for that. Thanks for sharing with us.

If I could send you some of our WA rain I definitely would! Praying they get those fires out soon!
I would love to see you do some houses and maybe owls, I know they are a bird but they are pretty hot right now and I love them. :-)

I love everything you come up with Erin. Lately I have been looking for appliqué patterns with big flowers. Maybe one flower per 8-9 inch blocks.

I know it’s still a bird but I think Peacock feathers would work perfectly with your style of applique. So maybe topiaries with peacocks mixed in to the garden.

I would love a "12 months of Christmas" BOM. Also a "neighborhood" type quilt made from different houses, churches, schools, etc. Another favorite would be a seasons series with a block for each month or season. What about elephants dressed up for each month: cupid for Feb, a leprechaun for March etc? That gets the elephant theme in there too. I could see it being super cute and whimsical.

Cats would be my #1 choice. And flowers. Love your flowers.
Not much into houses or elephants... but hey its your quilting, do what pleases you.
Wishing for rain too.

Hmm--I like the fairies suggestion. Primitive angels? Cakes? (I must be hungry) Circus/zoo animals? I'm not an art person--so I need people like you!

I'd love some rain too, we're dry. Later I will go outside and do a naked dance for rain--God will probably send a flood to save the neighbor's eyes!

If you do an animal theme, please include some sheep designs. They are my favorite. Working Mimi's BOM now.

I have done a seasonal Sunbonnett Sue that was a lot of fun and I have done your Tweets, but I need a little rest from
applique. I love to hand piece my quilts
while I sit with my husband watching TV.
Any pieced pattern would be great. I can
usually get a quilt done in two weeks. Really enjoy your blog.

I really like the neighborhood idea -- something like that has been on the back of my mind for years. I do know that whatever you do will be beautiful Erin. Oh, and you are certainly welcome to most of the two inches of rain that we got here this morning in Massachusetts.

I favor a neighborhood with: houses, churches, schools, a post office, hospital, shops of all kinds - especially pet and quilt. I guess I'm thinking of a Christmas village in cloth rather than resin. lol.

stay safe, I experienced those wild fires when I lived in CA.

My sympathies also for those affected by wildfires and prayers for rain.


I love everything you do. Your work is absolutely beautiful!!! I would like to see you create a butterfly quilt. I know it would be exquisite!!

I love the elephant. It's really cute and if you could turn that drawing into a quilt I would be utterly impressed!

I love your flowers and birds! It would be fun to see something with maybe traditional blocks and some Christmas applique thrown it, yep that would be great....Maybe Christmas birds and flowers?

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