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Brilliant! And so much fun! I have a notebook i use already, so won't get that part, but i've gotta get thise gluestick pens! They look neater & faster than traditional glue sticks. This was a revaltion.
My notebooks are similar to Levenger's but MUCH cheaper. They are Staples brand with removable/ repositional papers... Tho not fun papers like the ones you showed us. Thanks so very much. Becky G in NC

Oh my Goodness. That was fabulous. I love fabric but paper is a close second, and I could journal about quilting. I don't usually like music on blogs but all I can say is...PERFECT and very inspiring.

That looks like fun! There are so many bits of things and papers and cards and ticket stubs and things I would like to keep but don't have a way

I am with you on the lack of enthusiasm concerning paints. I am also ten thumbs when it comes to glue but with a glue pen it looks like I could possibly avoid getting it all over the table, my fingers and my clothes. I do admire people who keeps a journal very much, just know it hasn't been for me. I use my computer for drawing and painting; very safe option! Now I know this kind of glue is out there I will give it a go. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

Regarding paints. Why don't you put down a drop cloth. But not any old drop cloth -- some white fabric. Then whatever splashes, spills or oops happen onto it will result in happy accidents. Let it dry and use it the next time too. You will end up with a nice piece of art cloth that could work in quilt art pieces.

LOVED the video! That was great. I can't wait to get home and get my hands on a notebook and all my clippings.

O...! That's so awesome..!

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