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Pink! I love pink, all shades of pink....

I love your block!!
Green has the edge in my scrap pile - I love the greens for leaves and stems etc.

Orange and red dominate my stash. I just love the bright, hot colors!

Lovely block Erin & am interested in the srem technique.
In my stash, there is no contest... Green, green & green. LTely, i have been building my stash of neutral backgrounds.
Thanks for a chance to win! B

I seem lately to have been in a teal/blue-green phase. My stash goes way back from
the 80s with all those little calico prints. I also collect feedsacks so have quite a few bits and pieces of prints that may be perfect for scrap applique. Love your block.

I feel the same way about my fabric - I have 2 "extra" baskets in my husband's
hobby room and he is yelling encroachment!!
I want those stems, or at least know how to do them. Pink and green, pink and green.

I love this block. Can't wait for the pattern debut. There are three colors in my scrap basket, pink, purple, and blue. Each of my daughters favorite colors. I always have to make an item three times. Once in each colorway.

Blue ... blue ... and blue!

It's green.....and I still don't have enough! Of course when I start a new project the first fabric I go for is that perfect green leaf or stem color...I love goin' green!!

Blue is definitely overpowering the rest, but I have quite a large collection of red scraps that I love too. I would SO love to win a copy of this book - it looks like lots of fun!!!

The biggest color in my scrap basket has to be beige. I collect any and all beige prints to use as backgrounds/lights in scrappy quilts, and I've been rather stingy in using them. Kay must be honored to have such a lovely block named for her!

Another chance for a give away, thank you! Purples dominate my scraps.

Love your block! In my scrap stockpile, I would have to say it's green. You can never have too many different greens.

Love this pattern. I am a newbie, but I love handwork AND I just love pinks and greens.

It seems like I have blues and reds. I collected black and white for my oldest grands quilt--not done yet. Love the patterns that I have seen.

Blue, all shades of blue! Thank you for this giveaway!

The blue and green boxes are overflowing!

I am so happy you are participating in this Book-A-Round. I always enjoy reading your blog. I love your finished block as well. '

My stash has a lot of tan and gold and red and blue and pink. Not much green.

My first thought was red, since that's one of my favorite colors. But then I thought purple, because it's also one of my faves. Then I actually looked at my stash and the answer was clear: green. You can never have too many stem and leaf greens!
Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

Green and Brown are pretty much tied in my stash... you can never have too many earth tones for your applique flowers!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book!

I believe purple has taken over my stash and due to the fact orange is my favorite color I have no idea how this happened!

Your block looks scrumptious. blues and reds in my scrap pile. Would love to win the book!

There are soooo many reasons this book is a good fit for me! It looks amazing, and I love what you're doing with your applique.

Oh. Green. Most definitely green. Grass green, blue green, yellow green, olive green. Green with dots, green with leaves, green with flowers, green with stripes, green with diamonds. Mottled green, light green, dark green, neon green.

At the moment there seems to be a lot of browns and yellows plus a few greens - but that is because a friend wanted scraps of red, blue and cream/white for a scrap quilt.

I do like your flowers!

The green pile continues to grow,grow, grow! Those barbershop stems are very intriguing.

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