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Of course we read what you have to say. You're the first I check in with while having that first cup of coffee. We are in awe of your talent and your generosity in sharing all your amazing knowledge. Thank you for sharing and know that we all appreciate all the time you spend here with us. I'll be downloading the pincushion pattern -- it is so cute.

Congratulations on this tremendous milestone, Erin! You are my absolute favourite designer! I come to the site everyday and am always delighted with what I see/read!
All the best!

Thanks for sharing the pattern and congratulations on all your achievements. I have learned so much from your blog and now applique is my favorite. Most of my quilts include some form of applique.

Congratulations on this milestone in your blog life! I only wish I'd found you sooner than I did. I love your work because you make it all so do-able!

Congratulations! Cute project, too.

I love everything you have come up with including your aroz con pollo chicken dish! Thank you for what must be a tremendous amount of effort for us to learn from. I, too, come to this site first everyday and eagerly await your BOM each month.

Congrats on your wonderful milestone!!! And thanks for this cute pattern.

Congradulations! I love reading your blog and have learned so much from you. Thanks for the pin cushion pattern. Can't wait for your day on the book around.

Love following your blog. Thank you for the cute little pin cushion tutorial. Your blog & patterns are always fun to follow, congrats on this milestone!

Wow. Great job on those numbers. Congratulations.

Super cute pincushion also. Thank you for that.

thanks! that's adorable.

You are my Number One Blog!

Erin thank you very much, all you do is beautiful. I love your work.

Congratulations on this big milestone. What an achievement! You do write a lot of interesting things, and we love it so much.
Thanks for the pattern. I think it is a wonderful way to celebrate! Here is to another 250 blog posts (to make 1000),and many more page views!

What a pretty quilt this would make. It's a great carry along size for the handbag. Love it, have 2 made on a rainy Saturday. Joan in coastal MS

I love your designs. Your work is exquisite and I love the colors. This is definitely a project for me. I have to have the needle case, too. Looks like I have a lot of posts to look at. This is my first time on your site. Thanks and congratulations

Congrats Erin! I always enjoy visiting your wonderful blog!

Congratulations! thanks for sharing.

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